C2E2 Q&A panel, thoughts and a decision

As I’m taking the shuttle to the airport, I have a brief few mins to reflect on the con.

The biggest thing that struck me was how many new con attenders I had a chance to talk to. Their enthusiasm is infectious and a joy to be around.

The second thing I noticed was the shear amount of space on the sales floor. I’m sure the new folk didn’t have that sense but having attended the larger cons, like NYCC and SDCC, it was a pleasure to walk without too much trouble.

lastly, with one or two exceptions EVERYone was happy and kind but in a different way then Sdcc, more in a mid west flavor.

Bottom line, I think I will try and come back to C2E2 next year.

Click here to listen to the Q&A with Mike Armstrong moderating.

Or cut  & paste this link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6w4jDy9IGvtd3VnQlpOT1pDcGM


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