The Upcoming Week in TV for 5/15/16: Season finales!

By Alyssa:

We’re entering an exciting week of season & series finales.

Season finales of note are: Once Upon a Time, Last man on Earth, Agent of Shield,  Legend of Tomorrow, the 100, Blacklist, Grim and The Originals (highlighted in orange).  The series finale of Castle is on Tuesday. Make sure you set the DVR to catch all the action.

Sunday – May 15, 2016

7:00 PM

  • ABC    Once Upon A Time: Only you/an untold story (#522/523) 2-hour 5th season finale

9:30 PM

  • SHOWTIME    Dice: Six Grand (#106) [1st season finale]
  • FOX    The Last Man on Earth: 30 years of science down the tubes (LME-218) [2nd season finale]

10:00 PM

  • ABC    Quantico: Yes (#122) [1st season finale]

Monday – May 16, 2016

8:30 PM

  • CBS    Mike & Molly: I See Love (#MAM613) [series finale]

9:00 PM

  • A&E    Bates Motel: Norman (#410) [4th season finale]
  • CW     Jane the Virgin: Chapter Forty-four (#222) [2nd season finale]

10:01 PM

  • ABC    Castle: Crossfire (#822) [8th season SERIES finale]

Tuesday – May 17, 2016

8:00 PM

  • ABC    Fresh off the Boat: The Manchurian Dinner Date (#223) [2nd season finale]
  • PBS    Genealogy Roadshow: Albuquerque (#301) [3rd season premiere]
  • CBS    NCIS: Family First (#306) [13th season finale]

9:00 PM

  • NBC    chicago med: timing (#118) [1st season finale]
  • ABC    Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: Absolution/Ascension (#321/322) [two-hour 3rd season finale]
  • CBS    NCIS: New Orleans: Sleeping with the Enemy (#LA224) [2nd season finale]

10:00 PM

  • NBC    Chicago Fire: Superhero (#423) [4th season finale]

Wednesday – May 18, 2016

8:00 PM

  • ABC    The Middle: The show must go on (#724) [7th season finale]
  • CBS    Survivor: Episode 14 (#3214-120) [two-hour 32nd season finale]

8:30 PM

  • ABC    The Goldbergs: Have a summer (#324) [3rd season finale]

9:00 PM

  • FOX   Empire: Past is Prologue (EMP-218) [2nd season finale]
  • PBS    Genius by Stephen Hawking: Can we time travel? (#101) [series premiere]

GENIUS BY STEPHEN HAWKING – Hawking serves as the host and narrator, inviting viewers to follow along with the journey that unfolds in each episode, as ordinary people use large-scale experiments and incredible stunts to come to grips with molecular biology, astrophysics and even quantum mechanics.
Read more: Listings – Genius on FOX | link to more info

  • ABC    Modern Family: Double Click (#722) [7th season finale]

9:31 PM

  •  ABC    black-ish: Good-ish times (#222) [2nd season finale]

10:00 PM

  • USA    Royal Pains: Stranger Danger (#801) [8th season premiere]
  • CBS    Survivor: Reunion Special (#3215) [one-hour special presentation]

Thursday – May 19, 2016

8:00 PM

  • CW    DC‘s Legends of Tomorrow: Legendary (#116) [1st season finale]
  • ABC    Grey’s Anatomy: Family Affair (#1224) [12th season finale]

9:00 PM

  • CW     The 100: Perverse Instantiation – Part two (#316) [3rd season finale]
  • NBC    The Blacklist: Alexander Kirk: Conclusion (#323) [3rd season finale]
  • ABC    The Catch: The Happy Couple / The Wedding (#109/110) [two-hour 1st season finale – special time]

9:01 PM

  • CBS    Mom: Atticus Finch and the Downtrodden (#MOM322) [3rd season finale]

9:30 PM

  • CBS    The Odd Couple: Road Scholar (#OC208) [new episode – special time]

Friday – May 20, 2016

8:00 PM

  • NBC  Grimm: Beginning of the end, Parts one and two (#521/522) [two-hour 5th season finale – special time]
  • CW    Masters of Illusion: Techno Magic, Quick Change and a Guillotine (#301) [6th season premiere]

9:00 PM

  • CW    The Originals: The Bloody Crown (#322) [3rd season finale]
  • ABC    Shark Tank: episode 726 (#726) [7th season finale]
  • SHOWTIME    Showtime Special – All access: Quest for the Stanley Cup: 2016 episode 1 [special presentation]
  • CBS    Undercover Boss: United Real Estate Group (#UB711) [new episode – special night]

10:00 PM

  • CINEMAX    Banshee: Requiem (#408) [series finale]

Saturday – May 21, 2016

11:29 PM

  • NBC Saturday Night Live: Fred Armisen / Courtney Barnett (#4121) [41th season finale]



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