Hangout Special interview with DAVID GLANZER

By: Leonard aka Englishman in San Diego

interact on the Google+ Event page:

We are incredibly lucky to have been able to arrange time to speak to Comic-Con International‘s Director Of Marketing & Public Relations, David Glanzer– this is the man who is very much the voice of Comic-Con. He is the ideal person to talk to when it comes to any questions one would have about this years event.

With mere weeks to go, SDCC 2016 is already promising to be one of the truly historic events in the convention’s history. A raft of new features and off-sites have been introduced, brand new locations have been opened, and the ‘comic-con campus’ of San Diego Comic-Con continues to grow.

With such a large-scale event planned for this year there are whole new series of challenges for the Comic-Con International organization and, in this special One-Shot Incidental Episode, we’ll be talking to David about how CCI plans to rise to meet those challenges, as well as discussing what attendees can expect to encounter on their arrival to San Diego.

(7th July 2016, 0900 PT / 1200 ET / 1700 GMT)

Click here to preview of some of the questions we considered for this discussion.



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