Star Trek Mission New York, Day 3 Reflections

imageBy: Alyssa

We are a little farther back today due to a late start. Yesterday they closed the lines within the building at about 9:30 am and kept everyone outside.  Here’s a picture of the folks behind us at 9:45 am.  image

If folks are familiar with the Javitz, attendees on Sunday pretty much took up the entire lobby from last years entrance to Artist Alley to the steps leading up to the Crystal Palace.




Once we were let into the hall there was a mad rush for the Star Trek Bridge Crew VR booth. Today they used the lottery system to distribute the slots. Approximately 5o or more folks were trying for time slots.  Yes, the game is that awesome.



Next on the plan is the Trek Talk at 10:30 on exoplanets with two guests, the Mohawk guy, Bobak Ferdowsi and Dan Werthimer.  Bobak is looking for any evidence of life in our solar system and was able to speak to Mars, rovers, and the missions of exploration of our solar system. Dan Werthimer works with SETI, was able to speak to looking for intelligent life. All and all a very enjoyable panel, both of them are searching for life but in very different ways.  Here’s the sound cloud audio.

Nothing quite brings a con into focus like reporting on it.  Every week I co-host a video podcast with the Englishman in San Diego. This week I did a report from the con with a walk of the floor & an interview with Reed Pop’s Global Brand Director Brian Stephenson. Full disclosure, we also had a report from Dragon Con by MichaelP .


Last panel of the day is the Trek Talk: Star Treks impact, Science, Culture, Society and Fandom.  Bring in so may different aspects proved to be a little confusing but the over all concept was how the culture of early Fandom’s have influenced society & technology. 

This is a great first convention, the lines, floor & panels were all well managed.  I would expect nothing less from the ReedPop crew given their experience.  In general, if you’re a Trek fan, I would consider going all three days, if you’re a more casual fan, perhaps pick a day or two depending on the panels.  The highlights were the floor and quality of panels. Having both icon’s in the Star Trek universe like Shatner and the the technical heavy weight of NASA give this entry level convention a A+ rating.


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