SDCC 2017: Children Transitioning to Juniors

By: Transmute Jun


Given the intense competition for San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) badges, parents of children are naturally nervous when they child becomes a ‘junior’, meaning that they must now purchase badges in advance. To assist in the transition, Comic Con International (CCI) allows juniors who attended SDCC the previous year as a child to be eligible for pre-registration.

If your child is age 12 or younger on October 1, 2016, then they are eligible to attend SDCC 2017 as a child. They do not need a badge purchased in advance and you can register them for a free child badge when you arrive at the convention center next July.

If your child attended SDCC 2016 with a child badge, but was 13 or more on October 1, 2016, then they will need a junior badge for SDCC 2017, which must be purchased in advance. You can make sure your new junior is eligible for SDCC 2017 returning registration (formerly known as pre-registration) by creating a member ID account (or logging into their Member ID account, if they already have one). Click on the ‘Registration Info’ tab and follow the online instructions to complete the validation instructions for your child. You can find more detailed instructions from CCI here.

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