NYCC: Day 1

I was running a little late today so I didn’t get the usual line status pictures. I will try and give status updates tomorrow before the USPS Wonder Woman stamp ceremony.


First stop today was the Sideshow booth to pick up a card to be stamped at a couple of booths. Once it is filled out I have to return it to the booth for prizes.                             img_3126They may not be giving away all the items in the pictures but you should be able to get the Nycc 2016 pin.


The next stop was a VR experience with Amazon’s Man in the High Castle. After filling out a survey and getting instructions on the system and what to expect, we were led into a secluded area and put on the VR gear.

The play was more of an experience then a game.  Interactive, but more of a walk through of the show as opposed to the Star Trek:Bridge Crew game which had an outcome determined by the player’s actions. Man in the High Castle used the Vibe.

img_3165I attended the Amazon Prime panel with a mix of their shows: The Tick, Sneaky Pete and Bosch. They introduced a new show based off of the podcast Lore, with Aaron Mahnke & Gale Ann Hurd, which examines the truth behind the legins, vampires, werewolves zombies, etc. Glen Morgan will be joining them for this show.  Check back for the audio recording.


img_3178I had the opportunity to see part of the documentary Batman and Bill. I highly, highly recommend this story about Batman, Bob Cain and Bill Finger. It comes out on Hulu in early 2017.




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