Day 3: NYCC

By Alyssa

Picture of the Day

The day started with a new comic vendor, Double Take, booth 2323. They supplied us with a bunch of trade paperbacks for review. It’s gonna take a while to read all ten of them so expect the review in a few months.

Falling Water Cast & Ex. Producers

The Falling Water panel was up next. This is a show about shared dreaming. Even though the show hasn’t premiered yet (Oct 13th), it is currently streamable from the USA network. In addition to the cast, the panel had renowned dream expert Dr. Moran Cerf and executive producers Gale Anne Hurd and Blake Masters.  They promised to present complete stories each year and give subtle clues as to when someone is dreaming so as not to confuse the audience. I was thankful for this since that is one of my pet peeves about shows that deal in dreams.  The other main point was diversity in casting. They said that they cast for talent, not for ‘height’, because height doesn’t act. They cast the roles, then developed the backstory.  One of the leads is David Ajala, who is from East London. Instead of having him hack an American accent, they changed his backstory to reflect where his real accent.

Press Room
Cas Anvar Wes Chatham from The Expanse
Cas Anvar Wes Chatham from The Expanse

I had two press rooms for The Expanse and for The Magicians. Oddly in the hard core sci-fiction panel, my tech was significantly out classed, yet in the fantasy round table, not so much. There were about 5 tables with about 8 reporters sitting around each table.  The Actors/Ex/Writers then rotated between tables, usually two at a time. Full reports to follow on these two shows.

I did have one comic signing, with Garth Ennis at the Aftershock booth.

The walk to the Hammerstein ball room is pleasant, perhaps a half dozen short NYC blocks.  Contrary to the buzz, I found the Hammerstein security/food checks to be relatively easy. They did keep my Starbucks double shots untill after my panel, however but I did get them back afterward.

Here are pictures from The Magicians and The Expanse panels.



 The night ended with the Marvel Iron Fist panel. The Iron Fist footage was well done, as we now expect with a Netflix Marvel show. It had a different feel from their other shows, however, not as gritty NYC but a bit more refined and brighter. Where the Daredevil hallway fight scene was dark with flickering lights, the Iron Fist hallway fight scene was bright with the precision of a 5th degree BlackBelt.


By now, everyone has heard about the Defenders and Sigourney Weaver’s involvement, so I’ll get descriptive and say the crowed was ecstatic. I hadn’t really felt the same kind of excitement since the 2010 Avengers reveal in SDCC.



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