ECCC 2017 4-Day Badges Sell Out in Record Time


by Transmute Jun

UPDATE 10/28/16   Saturday badges have sold out. This means that Saturday its completely gone (not available in any ticket format) 8 days after tickets went on sale. This is significantly faster than the month it took last year for Saturday ECCC badges to sell out.

A successful checkout with 4 4-day tickets

On October 19 at noon Pacific time (3 pm Eastern) tickets for Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC) 2017 went on sale. As in the past 2 years, there was a brief waiting room, and then attendees were in to buy. For those into the system right away, everything seemed to go smoothly, but it wasn’t long before the news hit: 4-day badges had sold out.

Approximately 10 minutes into the sale, 4-day badges were listed as no longer being available. For those who persistently refreshed the page, they flashed back in and out as carts expired, but even so, this is by far the fastest multi-day badge sellout in ECCC history. Not only has ECCC been gaining popularity every year, but they have already announced a great lineup of guests, including Stan Lee, Carrie Fisher and an Animaniacs reunion. These may be factors in this year’s lightning-fast sale time.

4-day tickets are sold out!

Hotel rooms were also released today, with the link going out via email approximately 45 minutes before the badge sale. There were reports of Wednesday and Sunday nights not being available at hotels, then appearing randomly. The hotel system went down briefly just before the sale, then went back up once the tickets began selling.

Although 4-day badges are sold out, it is still possible to attend every day of ECCC (UPDATE: Thursday, Friday and Sunday) by buying single day badges, and many discounted hotel rooms are still available. But if you are interested in attending, you should act fast!

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The ECCC ticket-buying waiting room


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