Ash vs. Evil Dead – Episode 206



The gang is headed back to the Ash’s house after their battle at the police station.  Their only concern, at least for now, is Pablo.  The Necronomicon is festering inside of Pablo. The book manifesting inside a live human body is something not even Ruby has ever seen before.  Pablo falls to the ground, is thrashed around by what’s inside of him and then spits out blood.

Back at the police station, the Sheriff is dealing with an angry mob led by Amber’s mom (the mother of the girl whom Ash killed in the bar’s bathroom after becoming possessed), who wants Ash locked up or dead.  The Sheriff is in more trouble than he knows; Baal is whispering in his ear.  Unfortunately, the Sheriff is easy prey for Baal, as his deep-seated anger against Ash leaves him unable to see the situation clearly already.  Even if Baal wasn’t whispering in his ear, the Sheriff would probably still just make everything worse.

Back at the house, the gang is deep in discussion about saving Pablo and taking down Baal.  Ruby seems content to let the book converge with Pablo, eliminating Pablo and giving them back their ‘only hope’.  Ash and Kelly aren’t going to accept a plan that eliminates Pablo and Ash has an alternative: a pet tracker.  He plans to stuff it down Baal’s throat so when he jumps bodies they can still find him.  A plan that Kelly jumps on board with, adding that once he is tracked Ash can ram the chainsaw up Baal’s ass. This earns Kelly the compliment of “You’re like the daughter I never had.”  Ash, Kelly and Pablo have clearly become a family.  Ruby says they can’t take Baal down, no matter where Ash shoves his chainsaw, and has an alternative plan: to speed the convergence and find the passage to send Baal home.  

While Ruby takes Pablo upstairs to work on Plan B, the rest of the gang is met with an angry mob outside, led by the Sheriff and Amber’s mom, whose skin seems to have become loose and ‘itchy’.  It seems fitting that Ash would end up in his childhood home surrounded by an angry mob.  Unfortunately for them, Kelly isn’t as patient as Ash and uses her automatic weapon to try and disperse the crowd.  Ash hears people breaking in upstairs and goes to investigate.

Meanwhile, Ruby is performing an incantation on Pablo.  Something inside of him is moving around the pendant he wears: the one given to him by his uncle.  When Ruby goes to touch it, it burns her, and Pablo begins levitating and chanting.  When he rips the pendant off he falls to the ground and there is now more writing on his skin.  They finally have the book back.


Ash realizes the noise he hears is coming from his sister Cheryl’s room. This Evil sure knows how to hit it Ash where it hurts.  Inside, Ash finds Chet with a picture of Cheryl in his hand.  With a huge rush of evil hitting the house, Ash leads Chet out of Cheryl’s room, shortly after the Evil rushes to Cheryl’s picture and the picture begins to bleed.   Outside in the hall, Ash and Chet soon hear Cheryl’s voice.  Cheryl comes out of the room; she is older, but has the memories of still being a teen.   The Demonite doesn’t play with Ash for long before revealing itself and attacking them.  Locking herself in a room with Chet, it becomes apparent that Chet and Cheryl had something going on all of those years ago.  Ash breaks in, but loses sight of Cheryl and is forced to go looking.

Outside, Amber’s mom has become impatient and is instigating the crowd,  encouraging them to kill anyone who gets in the way.  This mob scene has turned into a shootout on both sides and it doesn’t look like Kelly and Linda will be able to hold them off for long.  Kelly heads upstairs to see if she can speed things along. She has a brief run in with Ash where they have a quick exchange regarding their screwed scenarios and split up to take care of things.

Kelly enters Ash’s room to find Pablo on the ground; they are still waiting for the final spell to manifest.  Kelly gives Pablo words of encouragement, bringing Pablo back to his rightful self, ready to fight.  They bring out the spell to fight Baal and in the process, Ruby’s wound is reopened and she finally admits to them that she is no longer immortal, because her children stole her immortality from her.

Ash finds himself in a familiar situation, all alone in a house that has come to life to mess with him.  Unfortunately, Chet can never do what he is told and has come downstairs looking for a beer, interrupting Ash’s battle with the Cheryl-demonite.  This gives Cheryl an advantage and she literally rips Chet’s beating heart from his body, offering it to Ash, just as Ash professes his true friendship with Chet. Cheryl then proceeds to head for Linda.  Ash shoots her and the demonite goes out the front door into the mob, followed by our hero.  Ash give a grand speech about how he only kills demons, not people, unless those people are demons who look like people, then he kills people, but then they’re not really people, they’re demons.  Ash uses the demonite posing as Cheryl as a demonstration.  The crowd is soon in a panic as they are in battle with a demonite, who keeps coming back after being ‘killed’. Ash remains calm and collected and shows them what a hero does, trapping her in the trunk of a car and then taking her head off in bloody fashion with his trusty chainsaw.

Ash finally has his moment where people from his hometown cheer for him and actually believe in him.  Yet as we know, Ash never gets to have a hero moment for long, and so he is quickly apprehended by the Sheriff and Baal (still wearing Amber’s mom’s skin). Seems Baal has plans for Ash and knocks him out, using his mind control powers on him.  

During the credits, one of my favorite songs as a child plays: “They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa by Jerry Samuels, recorded under the name Napoleon XIV. And given what we see of next week’s episode in the preview, this track seems highly appropriate.

Next up: Evil Dead takes on Mr. Robot territory and messes around inside the protagonist’s mind.