Ash vs. Evil Dead – Episode 207

Ash wakes up after dreaming of his weekend in the cabin during the events of Evil Dead 2. He is in the one place he probably fears most in his life: the Asylum. The Asylum looks like an abandoned building that is lucky if it has running water. Ash is confronted by a psychiatrist, Doctor Peacock, who happens to look just like Baal. He tells Ash that after killing 4 people in the woods, he created an illusion to justify his murders. Ash is quick to fall for this trick and soon is attacking and accusing the psychiatrist of being Baal and wanting to use Ash to destroy the book. Doctor Peacock knocks Ash out with something in a syringe, and Ash goes down resisting the illusion.

Ash plots with Puppet Ash.

Once Ash comes to, he finds Doctor Peacock sitting next to him. A nurse walks in, who is Ruby. She is clearly not our Ruby though. Doctor Peacock decides to cure Ash with a puppet of himself. Not only is the doctor trying to ‘cure’ Ash, he is also creating a new marketing opportunity. I totally want one of those puppets! The puppet tells Ash that he needs to give in and help destroy the Necronomicon and that they don’t need it anymore. Interestingly, the puppet does not speak with Ash’s voice, despite the fact that he is supposed to represent a part of Ash’s personality. Ash rejects the ‘truth’ of the puppet, slamming it against the wall, which leaves a trail of blood.

Ash escapes the room, moving into a hallway and ending up hiding in a room. Ash describes the room as smelling like death, and it happens to contain a crazy version of Kelly. When Ash asks Kelly how long he has been there, she says forever and then says she knows how long she has been there because she counts. Kelly starts counting by breaking her fingers and laughing. The door opens and it is Pablo! Ash thinks he is saved, however, this isn’t his Pablo; this is Orderly Pablo who clearly has no attachment to Ash. Ash is faced again with Doctor Peacock, who has decided it is time to intensify Ash’s treatment.

Ash finds himself strapped to a stretcher, receiving shock treatment. Ash, of course, still isn’t breaking, so Doctor Peacock cranks it up and starts sending him mental messages at the same time, including the statement that Ash will be Baal’s henchman: his slaughter-man. Ash continues to resist, and when this round stops, Chet appears on a stretcher next to Ash, asking for a beer. Chet accuses Ash of killing him thirty years ago, when Ash killed Cheryl. Before Ash can respond, they go for another round of shock therapy, which leaves Chet literally fried.

Next, we find Ash in the common room staring at the TV, when he hears voices again telling him he is not the Jefe and to kill the book. Ash turns to see Ruby. He is still determined that she is his Ruby, so he goes to her for help and of course gives her the option of a little one-on-one later. She may not be his Ruby but she is still quick on the tongue, sharply telling him to turn around and watch TV. Ash turns to find Kelly, who says they are locked up because they know the truth and ‘they’ are taking them out one by one. Ash and Kelly need to get out. Ash tells Kelly to follow his lead and creates chaos in order to make a distraction so they can get out, and Kelly happily follows along. Unfortunately, this only get Ash beat up by Orderly Pablo and another worker.

The puppet wakes Ash up. Ash has swiped a card from Orderly Pablo during the fight and is ready for his escape. Ash and Puppet Ash take off, stopping to get Kelly along the way. The escape is on its way until Ash finds that the card he swiped won’t work on the last door and the alarm starts going off. He turns around to see that Kelly has killed Orderly Pablo, whom she claims is a demon. Ash is not okay with this and starts screaming at her that she killed Pablo, she responds that his name wasn’t Pablo, it was Reg, and that her name is Amanda, not Kelly. She insists that Reg was a dragon demon, which of course starts a fight between the two about there being no dragons or vampires in the Necronomicon. Although Ash does recall that one time that ‘sunlight worked’ to drive the demons away… (In Evil Dead II, Ash was possessed by demons, but they fled his body when the sun came up.) Kelly starts hitting Ash with her bloody hands and when two orderlies interrupt, Ash looks down to find both Amanda-Kelly and Reg-Pablo dead at his feet. He claims he didn’t do it, however, the puppet tells him differently, after spitting out flesh from one of the victims.

When we see Ash next he is in a straght jacket, watching himself kill Reg and Amanda in the corridor on the security feed. Ash still claims it’s not him. Doctor Peacock tells Ash that he is transferring him to a more barbaric place, but first he has a visitor. Linda B walks in, telling Ash he has been there for the last thirty years. It seems as this might be the nail in coffin for Ash, as Baal’s use of Linda at the end seems to have brought Ash to his breaking point. When Ash looks out the window he sees Kelly, Pablo, and Ruby getting out of the Delta and heading to the trunk for weapons.

When Doctor Peacock walks back in, Ash admits to killing them all. Doctor Peacock takes this opportunity to tell Ash that in order to destroy the illusion, he must destroy the Necronomicon. Ash rises to this challenge, showing he is determined to destroy this illusion. As Ash screams that he will destroy the book, we are shown a stick figure drawing of Pablo cowering in fear.

Has Ash really fallen for Baal’s illusion, or when Ash saw his friends get out of the Delta did he finally see what was happening and is turning this around on Baal? It seems we will find out next week, as Ash goes after his friends. Or maybe it’s just the Delta; I’m sure he wants it back.