Gal Gadot Panel at Rhode Island Comic Con

image7By Boukenred

One of the biggest highlight from this weekend at Rhode Island Comic Con was be their guest Gal Gadot, who held a panel on Sunday. The panel focused on the attention of Gal Gadot’s role as Wonder Woman from this year’s movie Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and continuing her role in next year’s movies Wonder Woman and Justice League.

Gal Gadot
Gal Gadot

At the beginning of the panel, the audiences learned from Gadot how Wonder Woman became the symbol of equality. To her, the role shows how the character stands for equality for everyone, no matter what gender or sexual preferences they may be. Continuing on the topic of Wonder Woman, she also mentioned how she got to meet the iconic actress Lynda Carter, who also donned the role of Wonder Woman for the TV show, when they were both at last month’s UN for the Wonder Woman event there. As she encountered Lynda Carter for the first time, Gadot even mentioned how she was nervous meeting the iconic actress — and almost left her at a loss for words.

The panel continued by discussing Gadot’s experiences filming both of her movies next year,  however, we didn’t learn much about each of the movie plots, as she mentioned she wasn’t allowed to discuss much on it. While on the topic of next year’s Justice League movie, her co-star Ray Fisher (Cyborg) surprised Gadot and the audiences by joining in on the panel as a surprise guest. Both Gal Gadot and Ray Fisher discussed their experiences on set, as well as how they interacted with their other co-stars on the set.

Just when the audience thought that there wouldn’t be anymore surprises for them, the star from Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown, showed up and asked Gal a Q & A question, from the audience. Brown asked Gadot to name her favorite TV show, and Gal answered The Simpsons.  Brown accepted the answer, and thanked Gadot for coming to the panel.

As the panel came to a close, both Gadot and Fisher thanked the fans for coming out to meet them at Rhode Island Comic Con. Then Gadot mentioned that because she has finally finished both the Wonder Woman and Justice League films, she can finally relax for a while. We also learned that Gadot is currently pregnant and is expecting to have her child next year — making this one of her biggest announcement to the fans.

I had a great time at the Gal Gadot panel, and for me it was a highlight of Rhode Island Comic Con.

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