Pokemon Sun & Moon Launch Day at Nintendo Store NYC

By Boukenred

image2-1The long-awaited new Pokemon Nintendo 3DS game has been anticipated by many fans around the world since its early announcement in February of this year. Now the game is now available for the first time at the Nintendo New York City store, and had a midnight launch on November 18th.  Fans were gathering all night to be the first to get their hands on the new Pokemon Sun & Moon games, along with some cool swag that was only available at the Nintendo store in New York City.

The new Pokemon Sun & Moon is the seventh generation of the Pokemon game; this game also marks the 20th anniversary for the franchise. Set in the ‘Alola’ region, the game is highly influenced by Hawaiian culture, and contains new Pokemon to capture as well as some old ones with new surprises.

All fans who waited at the store were satisfied, getting a copy of Sun & Moon and starting their adventure in the brand new Alola region, as well as making that difficult decision as to with which starter Pokemon they want to begin playing. The sales of the game prove that the franchise is still strong and relevant after 20 years, whether you are new to the game or chose to return back for a new game experiences.

image3-1For the midnight launch, the Nintendo store also offered special limited prints, pins, lanyards, and some unique swag for this store only, making the brick-and-mortar buying experience memorable for all. To coincide with the game-launch, the Nintendo store also offered  merchandise for sale, based off the new Pokemon Sun & Moon games. These merchandise items included unique plushes, game pouches, and new trading card series.

The new Pokemon plushes are the 3 new Alola region starters: Rowlet, the grass/flying-type Pokemon, Litten the fire-type Pokemon, and Popplio the water-type Pokemon.

Like all previous Pokemon plushes, these plushes are very well-detailed and are show/game accurate in their designs. The Pokemon plushes use one of the best fabric materials in a variety of colors matching their design and capturing  details accurately. These plushes are great for kids of all ages, as well as nice collectibles for those who are the biggest Pokemon fans, as they were designed to appeal to everyone with their soft and charming appeal.

image1-2Each of the plushes accurately captures the shape and size of the Alolan Pokemon, whether from the front perspective, the back, or the side views of it. Unlike action figures, the plushes lack the capabilty of articulation,, but they can still can be enjoyed by kids.

These Pokemon starters plushes are now available at the Nintendo store in New York City, but if you don’t live locally, you can also order them online. Be sure to catch all these plushes, because once they’re gone, they can be very difficult to track down.

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