Ash vs. Evil Dead – Episode 208


While we know everything Ash saw last week wasn’t real, it turns out he really is in an abandoned asylum.  It appears Baal used real surroundings to help mess with Ash’s head and it turns out when Ash saw Kelly, Pablo, and Ruby outside they were really there.  What remains to be seen is if Ash has really fallen for Baal’s trick or if he has turned the situation to his favor.  

2560x1440Kelly, Pablo, and Ruby were able to find Ash using to the pet tracker he planned to shove down Baal’s throat, although they all agree never to admit to Ash that it worked.  When they get inside the asylum, Kelly and Pablo have a heart to heart talk. Pablo has a bad feeling, and Kelly responds she hasn’t “had a good feeling since she met Ash and the stupid book.” Pablo clearly is still having doubts about his new situation of the Necronomicon manifesting inside of him.  Kelly assures Pablo by reminding him that he is her big powerful vagina and promising to to make Ash get the first round after they make it out of there, which is something Pablo knows Ash will never do.  Ruby jumps in and makes it clear that nothing is going to be okay. It seems that Ruby has lessons to learn from Ash in terms of keeping morale high on the team.

Baal has convinced the Sheriff to bring Linda B and their daughter Lacey to the abandoned asylum by convincing him that doing so would make them safe. Baal used Linda to convince Ash that his delusions were real.  It’s clear to the Sheriff now that Baal has played him this whole time.  Linda runs out to find Lacey and the Sheriff follows.  

In the hallway, Ruby breaks off from Kelly and Pablo, and before we can find out what Kelly and Pablo are going to do, the Sheriff runs into Kelly.  As Kelly is confronting the Sheriff to find Ash, Lacey appears at the end of the hall, acting way too innocent.  Lacey turns into a demonite and quickly gets into action.  When a security guard walks in she grabs his walkie talkie and smashes it into his head. She gets excited, turns to her father and says “Look, Daddy, a unicorn! Magic is real.” Demonite Lacey runs down a hallway with the Sheriff following. The poor Sheriff is clearly going to fall for all the usual tricks in the demonite handbook.  

Kelly follows them to find the Sheriff falling for Demonite Lacey’s innocent act.  Kelly tries to tell the Sheriff that it’s not Lacey anymore but he can’t see past his innocent daughter in front of him.  He goes to Lacey to comfort her, but as they embrace she breaks his neck and rips his head off. Demonite Lacey tells him “The only thing you sucked at worse than being the Sheriff was being a father.” The Sheriff’s head comes off with the spine attached and Demonite Lacey exclaims, “Oh look, he does have a back bone after all!”  Throwing the head at Kelly, she declares tag and runs off.  Demonite Lacey is no match for Kelly, who takes her head off with a hail of bullets.  Kelly has really risen to the challenges in front of her and is becoming more badass by the episode.

Two short scenes occur. One shows Linda looking for Lacey, but instead she finds the Sheriff’s head, and the other shows Ash walking the hallways, looking creepy and scraping his chainsaw on the walls.

Pablo isn’t looking so good; left to himself he is clearly feeling the effects of the Necronomicon and the book is whispering to him.  Before Pablo can have a full freak-out, Ruby shows up.  Pablo lets Ruby know that the power the pendant has to hold the book back isn’t going to last.  The next door they open has another security guard; this one has cockroaches coming out of his mouth. Interestingly, his name was Reg (which is the name of the security guard Ash supposedly killed in last week’s episode – the one who looked like Pablo in his delusion). Ruby recognizes this as Baal’s work.  Pablo realizes that no matter what, this is going to happen., Ruby steps in to reassure Pablo that he will harvest the book and destroy Baal so that none of this will be in vain.  However, Ruby’s talks aren’t like Kelly’s, as she doesn’t offer the ‘living happily ever after’ part that Kelly always gives to Pablo.  Ruby informs Pablo that even if this goes perfectly, he will still most likely die.  While this doesn’t reassure Pablo, it does seem to give him his pep back as he begins to lecture Ruby on the fact that the idea of death to mortal people really sucks. Ruby concedes to his version and tells him to go ahead and think of all the sweet things he’s going to do if he survives.  Pablo tells her how he wants to open a Honduran food truck/electronics repair shop called ‘Fish & Chips’… as in, computer chips. Ruby informs Pablo that his idea is awful and begins to lead him away.

Meanwhile, Kelly has found a drug addict holding out in the abandoned asylum.  Between the drugs and current events occurring this drug addict has clearly lost her mind.  When Kelly asks about Ash she sings the Ashy Slashy song and says she knows she’s not Kelly.  This implies that during Ash’s illusions he may have been seeing this drug addict as Kelly.  She tells Kelly that Ash is probably in his room with his friend. When Kelly asks where his room is, she laughs and it becomes clear that Kelly isn’t going to get an answer.

We go back to Pablo and Ruby. Pablo has asked what Baal wants.  Ruby explains that he wants Ash to destroy the book and kill anyone who gets in the way.  Unfortunately, Pablo realizes he is the book.  Ash appears behind them with his chainsaw going and begins to chase them down the hall.  It’s beginning to look like Ash has fallen under Baal’s spell.

Kelly has discovered Ash’s room and lying on the bed is the Ash puppet.  Kelly tells the 2560x1440puppet she has seen some creepy things. but he is adorable.  She hears the drug addict she recently encountered run down the hall and turns to follow.  The door slams shut before she can leave and the puppet starts calling her by name.  Before Kelly knows it, Puppet Ash is on her hand and is highly offended that she just called him a Muppet.  Kelly tries to get information from Puppet Ash, however, this puppet does not appreciate her salty language. When she calls the puppet a pervert, he points out that she is the one with her hand up his puppet pooper and returns the favor by biting her in the crotch. Puppet Ash has turned evil and has shark teeth now.  This battle gets pretty nasty and ends with the line “always bring a gun to a puppet fight.”  This is the sad end of Puppet Ash as Kelly shoots him in the head.

Unable to lose Ash, Pablo and Ruby face him in the hallway, which Ash has literally just set on fire, using gasoline from his chainsaw.  Pablo tries to reason with him, but Ash doesn’t seem to hear him and continues to chase after the pair.  Ash leads them into a dead end and they hide in a closet.

Linda finds Kelly in Ash’s room after the puppet fight.  Kelly immediately slaps Linda, who returns the favor.  Kelly then apologizes, informing her she was making sure Linda wasn’t Baal.  When Linda asks Kelly if she has seen Lacey, Kelly lies and says she hasn’t.  Kelly looks Linda in the eyes and tells her they have a way to stop Baal, for her to come with her and then afterwards she will help her find her daughter.  

Ruby and Pablo are stuck in a closet with a dead body and are being attacked by Ash.  Ruby wants to separate from Pablo so she can take care of Ash while he takes down Baal, however, Pablo will have no part of this plan.  He refuses to give up on Ash, just as he knows Ash wouldn’t give up on him. Ash breaks a hole in the wall, looking in and calling for Pablo in a Jack Nicholson/The Shining nod, but Ruby punches him through the hole and Ash retreats. Pablo attempts to talk to Ash, but as he exits the closet Ash grabs him and takes him away.

It seems Kelly isn’t as good of a liar as she thinks, as while she and Linda are walking down the hallways, Linda confronts Kelly, saying she knows Lacey is dead.  Kelly tries to play it off like she doesn’t know, but Linda doesn’t allow her to do so.  Kelly lets Linda know that this moment is going to change Linda forever and there is no going back, that she has a choice to sink low or to rise to the challenge.  It seems Linda has decided to rise to the challenge and is out for vengeance against Baal.

The next door Kelly and Linda open has Pablo hanging from the ceiling like during his vision in episode two of this season.  He screams for them to get out and when they ask why, Ash appears and says, “Because I’m gonna kill you. I’m going to kill all of you and end this nightmare.”  Linda B tries to talk sense into him, but it doesn’t seem to be working and soon Baal is in the room as Doctor Peacock, encouraging Ash to end his delusions.  Just when it looks like Ash is going to kill his friends, he frees Pablo and turns on Baal.  

Ash is happy to brag that his plan worked.  When they ask to which plan he is referring,  we have a flashback of Ash in episode six where told the team he was going to shove the pet tracker down Baal’s throat so they could track Baal and get Pablo in the same room to take him out. Ash tells Pablo to do his magic and with a short struggle that involves Ruby coming into the room and neutralizing Baal, Pablo begins to use the magic of the book to banish Baal. Pablo chants, the skies darken and the winds pick up, breaking the glass window behind Pablo in a Highlander nod. The blast pushes the others away, but now Pablo has a grip on Baal’s head, immobilizing the demon. Pablo pushes his thumbs into Baal’s eyes and the writing from the book streams off of Pablo’s body and into Baal. Baal screams and explodes into a black gooey mess. The gang goes to congratulate Pablo, but what they missed during the banishing was that Baal had sliced Pablo in half with his claw.   Pablo falls to the ground, split completely  in half, his intestines falling out onto the floor. Yet the elated grin on Pablo’s face shows that he died happy, at a moment of ultimate triumph

R.I.P. Pablo Simon Bolivar; you will always big our strong vagina.

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