Split – Movie Review


From iconic director M. Night Shyamalan comes his newest film Split, a movie that will thrill audiences with action and suspense. Split is a story about Kevin, a man who has 23 split personalities, and a new one that’s about to be unleashed as his 24th, and deadliest, personality. The film stars James McAvoy as Kevin.

The story focus on 3 young teenage girls who are kidnapped by Kevin, who then wake up trapped in an unknown dungeon with little to no chance of escape. As days goes by, the girls are introduced to each of Kevin’s 23 different personas, only to be told that they’re soon going to be victims of his newest and deadliest 24th personality.

Like all of M. Night Shyamalan’s film, this movie is best seen without being spoiled, as the more you know, the more it will affect the viewing experience. Yet rest assured that this movie has an amazing story with an outcome that is worth the time invested.

The lynchpin of this film is James McAvoy’s performance. McCoy is not playing just one role, but multiple roles with different personalities. Each aspect of Kevin differs in its perspective, speech, and the way he dresses himself. You will be impressed by the different personas that James McAvoy displays; his performance is so convincing that you will believe these aspects are different people entirely. It is even safe to say that this movie may be considered an iconic role that James McAvoy will be remembered for, perhaps even more than his role as Professor X, in some of the X-Men films.

In the end, this is a M. Night’s Shyamalan film that you won’t want to miss, and may be talking about for a long time, from its great story-telling to the performance of James McAvoy. Just be sure to avoid the spoilers before seeing it, in order to enjoy the full experience of the movie. Split comes to theaters this Friday, January 20.