The Founder – Movie Review

The Founder is a film by John Lee Hancock, based on the true story of how the McDonald’s franchise came to be known as a giant in the fast food industry. Michael Keaton stars as Ray Croc, the founder of McDonald’s, showing how he turns one fast food restaurant into the giant corporate business with which we are all familiar today.

The story focuses on how Croc saw a big opportunity when he witnessed the success of the McDonald brothers’ fast food restaurant. The movie’s focus is on the business side, with negotiations and contracts becoming the major part of the movie’s narrative. The film also shows the journey the fast food chain took to become a success; including the struggle of finding the right person to manage a store and the other predicaments the McDonald brothers passed on to Ray Croc.

The performances of Michael Keaton and the rest of the cast were incredible. The story helps viewers understand the business side of things, while still showing a humanity which allows us to empathize with the individuals who are impacted by the negative aspects of that business. As you’ll see throughout the movie, each of the cast members’ performances displays the business’ struggle and the lack of moral compass for the company. You will be torn between respecting the business decisions made for success and despising the actions of certain characters who made those decisions.

The Founder tells the history of the McDonald franchise, with an educational and entertaining performance from the cast. While it may change your perspective on the fast food business, it may also inspire you to become a part of that business as well. You will enjoy this film, whether or not you’ve ever enjoyed a McDonald’s meal.