The Lego Batman Movie – Review

By Boukenred:

The breakout superstar from The Lego Movie is now starring in his very own film: The Lego Batman Movie. This time, everything becomes awesome when Lego Batman fights crimes in Lego style. The film stars Will Arnett as Lego Batman, Michael Cera as Lego Robin, Rosario Dawson as Lego Batgirl, and Zach Galifianakis as Lego Joker.

The movie begins with Gotham is being attacked by The Joker and the entire rogues gallery; the fate of Gotham rests in the hands of Lego Batman. But while fighting crime may be Batman’s primary mission, he still has an unfulfilled void in his personal life, being alone without a family. However, with a suggestion from Alfred (his loyal butler), Batman must become a responsible father figure to his newly adopted son, Dick Grayson. It is now up to Batman to being able to juggle the duties of fighting crime and becoming a role model for Dick.

Like its predecessor Lego film, The Lego Batman Movie focuses on the creativity and building processes for which Lego products are famous, but with the character of Batman adapting the story in his own way. The Lego Batman Movie allows Batman and the rest of the characters to be silly and light-hearted, which helps give the film a unique charm that allows the audience to have fun with Batman and laugh at the humor that can only be pulled off through the use of Lego.

Will Arnett’s return performance as Lego Batman feels authentic, using a great balance of action and humor, giving Lego Batman a sardonic personality for viewers to enjoy. Michael Cera’s performance also delivers light-hearted-humor through a child’s point of view, helping both Batman and Robin work through the father/son relationship that is integral to the plot of the movie. Zach Galifianakis also does an amazing job as the Joker, in order to counter Will Arnett’s Batman; the two demonstrate a great rivalry, through an over-the-top comedic dialogue between the two.

The movie suffers somewhat from the inclusion of Batgirl. While Rosario Dawson’s performance as Batgirl may work during some parts of the film, the role seems to be forced at times, derailing the plot when the movie had previously had a good momentum. Harley Quinn also wasn’t fully utilized properly in the film. Although her character is quite popular with fans, the movie seems to sideline her to make it feel as though she’s not even part of the film. Personally, it seems like Warner Bros., and DC missed an opportunity to capitalize on Harley Quinn’s popularity and instead overused Batgirl. If there’s a sequel for the movie, hopefully Harley’s role can be better.

In the end, the movie achieves its purpose, making the Lego product placement more appealing to the audience, and perhaps influencing them to purchase the latest the Lego Batman products. For true Batman fans, this movie can also be appreciated for all of its subtle nods and Easter eggs from other Batman movies, TV shows, and comic books. Overall, the film may not be as entertaining as The Lego Movie was, however, it should be fun for kids and parents to watch together.