SDCC 2017 Returning Registration Date Announced – March 11th

Comic Con International (CCI) has announced the date of returning registration (formerly known as pre-registration) for San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) 2017, to be held July 20-23, with Preview Night on July 19. People who attended SDCC 2016 on a paid attendee badge will be able to participate in returning registration, which will be held on Saturday, March 11th. Badge prices have increased slightly since last year, with a Preview Night badge costing $45, Thursday, Friday and Saturday badges costing $60 each, and Sunday badges costing $40. Note that you cannot purchase a Preview Night badge unless you are also purchasing all 4 other days. This means that to attend all 4 days of SDCC 2017, you will pay $220 without Preview Night, or $265 with Preview Night.

As in prior years, if you reach the purchase screen, you will be able to purchase up to 3 badges. Everyone for whom you buy a badge must be eligible for returning registration. However, new this year, badges will be mailed to each attendee directly. So if you purchase a badge for 2 other people besides yourself, each of you will have your badges mailed individually.

To make sure that you are eligible for returning registration for SDCC 2017, login to your Member ID account and check to make sure the green writing on the top right says ‘OK CCI’17 Attendee Return Reg‘. Don’t forget that CCI may close down the Member ID system without notice before the badge sale.

Will you be participating in returning registration for SDCC 2017? Join the conversation on FoCC!

Transmute Jun

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