Next Week in TV: 4/2 TWD & Colony Finales and the return of HYDRA

By DRWHO42 & Alyssa

Last week there were a few short term departures and a few permanent departures. Grimm and Bones said adieu for the final time while Sleepy Hollow and Legion and capped off their seasons. Legion was certainly a standout series of the year and next season will certainly be a hotly anticipated one based on fan reactions. Supergirl, Flash, and Arrow are taking a break until the end of April which will leave a temporary void on our schedules.

This week is  may not be a week a lot of us are looking forward to as we will see the season finales for The Walking Dead, Colony, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Black Sails will cap of its voyage with the series finale this week as well – which is sure to be explosive.

On the return front we will be treated with the series premieres of iZombie and Prison Break. Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD makes its return with a huge twist … they are all Agents of HYDRA! Also on the list to watch this week is Hulu’s Dimension 404. This series has a several familiar faces in the cast including Patton Oswald and Constance Wu. Be sure to check out Transmute Jun’s first-look article on this series – click here.

Lastly, AMC’s new series, The Son, which stars Pierce Brosnan is a recommended option. The series takes place in Texas spanning a period of time from 1850 through to the turn-of-the-century. This series covers many civilizations in the region including Native Americans, Mexican-Americans, as well as the American settlers.

DRWHO42’s picks:
New: Prison Break, iZombie, The Son, Agents of HYDRA (I mean) SHIELD
On-going: 24:Legacy!, Legion, The Walking Dead, The Blacklist, Blindspot, The Big Bang Theory, Colony, Supergirl, Quantico, Flash, Arrow, Black Sails, The 100, Legends of Tomorrow, Blacklist: Redemption
Binge / Stack: Hawaii 5-0, Westworld, Glitch, Elementary, Voltron, The Magicians, Supernatural, The Expanse

Alyssa’s picks:
Currently on vacation and attending WonderCon


Sunday –  April 02, 2017
8:00 PM   
PBS   Call the Midwife: Episode 1 [6th Season Premiere]
STARZ   The Missing: The Mountain [2nd Season Finale]

8:30 PM
ESPN Sunday Night Baseball: MLB Opening Night: Chicago Cubs at St. Louis Cardinals

9:00 PM
STARZ Black Sails: XXXVIII [Series Finale]
AMC The Walking Dead: The first day of the rest of your life [7th Season Finale]

10:00 PM
AMC Into the Badlands

11:00 PM
AMC Talking Dead: The first day of the rest of your life (#616) [6th Season Finale]

Monday – April 03, 2017
8:00 PM
FOX 24: Legacy

9:00 PM
CBS NCAA Basketball Special: National Championship Game

Tuesday – April 04, 2017
HULU   Dimension 404 [Series Premiere]

This RocketJump series Dimension 404, created by Dez Dolly and Will Campos and co-created by Dan Johnson and David Welch, premieres exclusively on Hulu.

Description: Impelled by the Internet’s notorious “404” error code, Dimension 404 aims to evoke that 3 a.m. feeling of wandering onto the weird side of the web, stumbling upon stories that cannot be explained in the world that we know. These mysteries will be explored in six, self-contained, hour-long stories narrated by Mark Hamill (Star Wars) and starring Lea Michele, Joel McHale, Constance Wu, Sarah Hyland, Megan Mullally, Patton Oswalt, Ashley Rickard, Robert Buckley, Malcolm Barrett and many more.


8:00 PM
CW DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Aruba [2nd Season Finale – Special Time]

9:00 PM
CW iZombie: Heaven just got a little bit smoother [3rd season premiere]
FOX Prison Break: Ogygia [5th Season premiere]

9:30 PM
ABC Imaginary Mary: The Mom Seal [Time Slot Premiere]

10:00 PM
ABC Agents of SHIELD: What if…. [Spring Premiere]

Wednesday – April 05, 2017
10:00 PM
FXX Archer: Archer Dreamland: No good deed [8th Season Premiere]

Thursday, April 06, 2017
10:00 PM
USA Colony: Ronin [2nd Season Finale]

Friday, April 07, 2017
8:00 PM
HISTORY Ancient Top 10: Secrets of Egypt [Series Premiere]

Saturday, April 08, 2017
9:00 PM
AMC The Son: First son of Texas / The Plum Tree [2-hour Series Premiere]

The ten-episode, one-hour drama is a sweeping family saga spanning 150 years and three generations of the McCullough family. The series traces the transformation of Eli McCullough (Pierce Brosnan), the charismatic family patriarch, from good-natured innocent to calculating killer. He loses everything on the wild frontier, setting him on the path to building a ranching-and-oil dynasty of unsurpassed wealth and privilege.  Eli’s eldest son Pete (Henry Garrett), has grown up in his father’s shadow and struggles to make him proud while forging his own identity. Pete’s strong-willed daughter, Jeannie (Sydney Lucas) idolizes her grandfather and despite being raised in a male-dominated world, rejects her fate of existing solely to marry and bear children. Eli’s ruthlessness pits him against his wealthy Spanish neighbor, Pedro Garcia (Carlos

Bardem) and his quest for power triggers consequences that span generations. Shared through a series of flashbacks, “The Son” pulls viewers into the world of young Eli McCullough (Jacob Lofland) and his father figure, Comanche war chief, Toshaway (Zahn McClarnon) and deftly explores the McCullough’s rise to become one the most powerful family dynasties in Texas. [Click here for the trailer]


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