Free Comic Book Day

By Boukenred

Free Comic Book Day is back again this year. An annual tradition, the first Saturday of May (May 6th, 2017) is known as Free Comic Book Day. Many local comic book stores will be providing free comic books from a variety of publishers Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) makes a trip to your local comic shop an event.

FCBD introduces existing published comics to new readers, making them aware of the current comic titles, which may create a new following of loyal fans. While FCBD does draw the attention of new readers, there are also free comics for the loyal and hardcore comic book fans of the. As such, well-known publishers like Marvel, DC, and Image sometimes provide free comics that may tie-in to bigger events later in the year. Like some of the previous tie-in books from the past such as, Marvel’s Secret Wars, and DC’s Divergence from previous FCBD years.

This year there are more publishers than ever joining in on the free comic giveaway These are some of my recommendations from this year’s slate of free comics.

Secret Empire # 1 (Marvel)

Secret Empire is the beginning of the Marvel’s big new storyline! Everything that was set up since Captain America’s biggest revelation (from Steve Rogers: Captain America #1), will unfold throughout this event. All of the Marvel super heroes will have to unite together to battle against a common foe: Hydra. Yet their combined efforts might not be enough. Written by Chip Zdarsky with art by Paolo Siqueira.

Wonder Woman Special # 1 (DC)

This is a one-shot story of an early year tale of Wonder Woman. The plot will focus on Wonder Woman’s journey as a hero, while sacrificing her Amazonian heritage in order to become the protect the Earth from a threat that she alone has the power to attack. This book will serve as a great introduction to Wonder Woman showcasing the iconic heroine. Written by Greg Rukka with art by Nicola Scott.

Rick & Morty (Oni Press)

Rick and Morty is a current Adult Swim show that has become a fan favorite. Join Rick on another of his insane-scientific adventures that will get his grandson, Morty, into hilarious trouble. Written by Zac Gorman and Tini Howard with art by CJ Cannon, Ryan Hill, Marc Ellerby, and Katey Farina.

Loud House (Papercutz)

Nickelodeon’s current # 1 show, featuring Lincoln and his 10 sisters living together in one household. This comic features many short-stories that go through daily life within the Loud household. Written and drawn by the team of Kevin Sullivan, David King, Jared Morgan, Miguel Puga, Ari Castleton, and Jordan Rosato.

Riverdale (Archie Comic)

A show based off of a comic has now become a comic based off a show. FCBD’s Riverdale focuses on the secrets of the love affair that’s going on within Riverdale, as well as some shocking secrets about Veronica’s past. The story uses the drama of the television show and places it in a comic format. The art featured within this comic also helps sets the adult tone to which the show has adapted, rather than the familiar cartoon style for which Archie is known. Written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Brian E Paterson, and James Devile, with art by Thomas Pitilli and Francesco Francavilla.

These are only a few of the books that will be given out for free on FCBD. Do check out some of the other titles that will be distributed as well.

Not every store participates in FCBD, so check to find a location near you. Some local comic shops go all out, having their own in-store events going on during FCBD. Some stores feature guest writers and artists for signings, and some have prizes to give away that day. So be sure to check out your local store on FCBD, and pick up your free comics that day!

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