WonderCon: Live con diary and updates


 Editors note: The time has come for WonderCon! Alyssa and a number of FoCC forum members are attending the event this weekend. We have created a thread on the forum for attendees to share their pictures and experience. 

2016 WonderCon

We will also update this post periodically throughout the weekend with updates and pictures for everyone to see the action.  Stay tuned!!!

Alyssa will be in attendance and you can follow her tweets through @Friendsofcci. Also, she will be broadcasting LIVE from the con during this Sundays’ Cup of Tea with an Englishman hangout (10am PST / 1pm EST / 5pm GMT) so look forward to another great hangout. Click here for the hangout — Cup o’Tea with an Englishman

We are also working on a con review – stay tuned for that.

Have a great time attendees and all!
DRWHO42 and the FoCC Front Page team.

News update: WonderCon 2017 will be held in Anaheim March 31st though April 2nd, 2017! 

Picture of the dates and location within the souvenir book (courtesy of  Alyssa)


Picture of the badge (courtesy of Alyssa)


FYI – Make room in your schedule for The Men of #OrphanBlack panel, Saturday at 6:30pm in 408AB. It should be fun. #CloneClub (from the BBC America Twitter)

@Nerdist fans …. Come by our booth #1631 if you’re at #WonderCon! We’ve got lanyards, pins & more! 👾👾 #GeekAndNerdy (from the Nerdist Twitter)


Alyssa, Rando, and NCDS waiting for the Containment screening. 


The gang (Alyssa, Kimberly from The Nerd Element, and Brooklyn aka “NCDS”) are attending The Last Ship panel. 


Next up is the Agents of Shield panel.

Lucky autograph winners and meeting cast members from Agents of Shield.    

Orphan Black news coming from press releases and the panel. There will be an after-show add to the lineup this year called “Afther the Black” featuring interviews with the cast and discussion about what transpired during the episode. 

Stay tuned for more updates


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