SDCC 2016 Hotel Lottery Journal: rodneytfreeman’s Experience

Note from the Editors: The April 5th hotel lottery was a major logistical milestone for some attendees. “Rodneytfreeman”, a member of the FoCC forum, has shared his experience.

6 AM (Eastern Time): It’s finally here, the SDCC Hotel Sale. I’m woken up early and cannot get back to sleep. What do I do? Practice the form some more. I cannot help but think when something like this comes along, you cannot be too prepared.

9 AM: I arrive at work, but have to help out my boss with a project that is being started today. I can’t stop looking at my watch. I hope he doesn’t notice. I have to stop myself from constantly talking about all things Comic Con when I’m in public. My wife has to put up with it. Did I mention that this is our first SDCC? We’re just newbies!

11:30 AM: I finally get to my office, pick up my equipment (laptop, programmable Logitech G15 keyboard, speakerphone) and head up to the computer lab that I have deemed my #SDCCHotelpocalypseCave, a dark room on the second floor that will allow me to focus on the task.

11:40 AM: I’m all setup. I’m logged into the waiting room on my laptop. Everything seems to be smooth sailing. The HAL button appears to be working.

11:45 AM: Give my wife a call on the speakerphone. She went home on her lunch break to make sure no work filtering would interfere with the process. When I get a hold of her, she’s got bad news. The internet is out at home. There have been crazy wind storms lately that have been knocking our internet and power offline. SERIOUSLY???!?

11:48 AM: I assure my dearest wife that everything is okay. I’ll be getting into the form, submitting it ~30 seconds, and we’ll be fine.

11:49 AM: I take a quick photo of the #SDCCHotelpocalypseCave.

11:50 AM: Batten down the hatches! 10 minutes to showtime. Keep talking with my wife about what’s going on at home (She restarted the router and things are coming back up… but it’s possibly too late).

11:58 AM: I start my final prayers to the SDCC Gods. I’ve been good this year. I deserve this. I will now be filling out the forms for two. I can fill them out quickly… I can do this!

12:00 Noon: We are live, people. I repeat! We are live! My computer pops up within the first minute. I’m typing in the information as quickly as possible!! I’ve got my cheat sheet for hotel keystrokes. I’m doing it! I’m doing it!

12:01:50 PM: MY FORM IS SUBMITTED! That’s got to be good enough for one of our 6 downtown hotel rooms, right? I thought my fears would be relieved once the first form was submitted. I was wrong! My wife is still on the phone. She seems to feel better about having our form submitted. She just wishes she could be filling out the form as well. You did everything you could!

12:15 PM: I say goodbye to my wife. We’ll talk about this whole ordeal over dinner/drinks tonight. Just a calm relaxing night. No fretting about The Walking Dead, no Better Call Saul to watch, just relax!

12:15 PM: I spend the next hour scouring FoCC, Twitter, and Reddit for horror stories, success stories, etc., trying to find any information about that which is the “new and improved?” SDCC Hotel Sale.

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