SDCC Hotel Lottery: What to do while we wait.

For many of attendees the wait and anxiety for the hotel lottery is high on the list of important SDCC planning tasks. Now that the Hotelpocolypse lottery submission window has passed and we have survived the preparation stress leading up to the submissions, we are forced to wait 3 days before we know our destiny. DW Survival


To reduce some of that stress here are some fun suggestions how to spend that time while we all wait.

1. Do not stress out.  The most important point. I know it is hard not pick up “Lucille” and take a few swings but take a deep breathe and relax. Whatever the outcome there are still possible avenues to take so come up with a plan B, C, D, etc.Dont panic


2. Check out a new show or binge. Sit back on the couch and have a look back at Season 1 of The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones. Or try something out that is completely new someone may have mentioned to you but you did not get around to it. There are plenty of options available on Netflix or our streaming vehicle of choice.


3. Exercise or go to the gym. Personally, this is the perfect stress reliever for me. If you can take a brisk walk, a few laps in the pool, or hit the gym it is a great step toward your SDCC fitness goal as well.amell exercise


4. Avoid checking your email Inbox to much. Hard one – right? A watched kettle never boils so take your mind off it by doing something fun like checking out the FoCC forum. There are plenty of topics to join and discuss what is on you mind. It is a great way to kill the clock and get your mind off the wait.Stress sweating


5. Visit friends or family. What a great way to take your mind off things. Have a chat with a friend or family member and talk about something different. Have a glass of wine or another beverage of choice (for me it is Starbucks espresso).Doctor visiting


6. Play videogames. My personal preference is Call of Duty or Star Wars: Battlefront but if Mario is your game of choice have a gaming session.


7. Build that Lego set you bought yourself for the holidays. It is sitting in your closet waiting for you so crack it open that box and treat yourself to a fun activity.Lego tardis


8. Plan a day trip. If you have some free time plan a small mental escape to a park, planetarium, the movies, or your masseuse. Treat yourself to a little escape.DR trip
A watched kettle never boils and Friday will be here before you know it. Friday yesPlan a meal featuring your favorite comfort food – I plan on a having bacon double cheeseburger with fries.

In the end I certainly hope your lottery outcome is in line with your expectations. Good luck!


Kevin aka "DRWHO42" watches a lot of TV and avoids spoilers like the plague. He is an avid Whovian, Trekker, fanboy, gamer, traveler, planner, self-professed gym rat, and Starbucks espresso loyalist. When not plotting out his schedule for the next tent-pole movie or watching his favorite shows he is on the hunt for pop-culture TV & Movie media news. More importantly he is a frequent attendee of San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) and New York Comic Con (NYCC). Follow him on Twitter @kevinDW42 @FoCCBlog