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By: Alyssa

In prep for Con season, a few folks might be considering dropping a few pounds in preparation for dashing across the con floor or fitting in to the spandex.  Whatever the reason is, in addition to putting in the time doing cardio, a necessary part is looking at what and how much food you’re taking in.

I actually feel slightly qualified to speak to this topic. While some may already know this, I have lost over 45 lbs and kept it off.  I started losing weight in Jan 2015.  Some months I didn’t lose any & some I lost 4+ pounds. Certainly not the dramatic infomercial results we all want but for me this is a marathon not a sprint.  My goal is to keep it off, maintain my metabolic rate and learn what is the right amt of food for me to maintain my weight.

My sister has had good results with Weight Watchers (WW) so in the spring of 2015 I signed up. Prior to WW I had lost about 10 lbs just by limiting what I was eating.   WW is a food monitoring system which affords the user a way to track the amount of food consumed – any system will work. In my humble opinion a system needs to have a couple of elements:

  • All food must be able to be purchased from the local grocery store.
  • Pass the smell test, if it looks like a diet and smells like a diet – it ain’t gonna work for me.

For me a typical good day of food is:
• 1 1/2 cup of 1% milk for my cappuccino
• 1/2 puffed wheat cereal with 1 cup unsweetened silk cashew milk & lots of fruit
• 2 laughing Cow lite spreadable cheese wedges, 16 crackers (crunchable gluten-free things) & 3 slices of deli ham/a Frozen lunch if at work/maki or sushi
• Dannon Lite & Fit Toasted Coconut yogurt
• Stir fry with beef & veg over 1/2 cup white rice

Snacks include:
• One single serve bag of popcorn
• Fresh fruit cut up with a danon lite & fit Greek yogurt
• Hard-boiled eggs
• Seltzer/diet soda
• Orange quarters & apples

I outlined my total day food intake & history so folks would understand the variety and portions I employ for my food. Specifically supper is the major trouble spot for me. Nothing is better than tucking into a big plate of Ribs/Steak/lasagna and you can still have those items as  treats, for example, at the end of a good week of training & eating right.

To echo the The Mighty Jerd, don’t even bother tracking whole fruit & vegetables – that’s all ‘free food’
Here is an example of a ‘free snack’


Regarding daily evening;
First, in general a 3 oz portion of protein (beef/pork/chicken/salmon) is the visual size of a deck of cards or the palm of your hand. In general, 1/2 of your plate is for Protein & Carbohydrates which leaves a half of the plate for Vegetables/salad.

Here are some supper options, pick one item from each column.

Protein Carbohydrates Vegetables
6 oz White Fish w/Pesto 1/2 cup white Rice Steamed Veg
3 oz Salmon with course ground Salt Medium Potato Roasted Veg
4 oz 95% Ground Beef patty English Muffin Grilled Veg
3 oz Dark Chicken meat Ear of Corn on Cob Raw Veg/Fruit cup
5 oz Lean Pork Chop w/o bone Roll Salad without heavy dressing
5 oz sm beef/pork/chicken pieces (stir fry) 1 cup Peas lightly pan fried Veg


To wrap it up we’ve got just over 10 weeks before SDCC, moderately following the above food restrictions, it might be possible to lose 20 lbs add in a cardio/weight routine and there’s no telling where you could end up.  The key is to limit the fat and carbs, the rice/potatoes/bread/chocolate/sugar while keeping enough protein in your diet. And remembering to  go hog-wild on the veg & fruits.

Oh and one other thing –  we all mess up & give into that chocolate/beer/bag of chips/sweet yummy goodness thing.  The key is to ENJOY the treat and get right back on the food plan.  Life is too short to not have treats, just take it in moderation, in other words don’t eat the whole thing. Portion control is key.


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