WonderCon Recap: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Trivia

During WonderCon, a few of us participated in the drawing for autographs from the cast members of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (AoS) that were attending the con.  Alyssa and I were the very first to draw. Kim, also in our FoCC group, was just a few people behind. To our dismay, we all selected losing tickets. We shrugged it off and began to walk away. Then a hipster looking gentleman started waving at us and asked if we would take the time to chat with him.  We must have looked scared because he quickly showed us his Marvel badge and assured us he wasn’t trying to be shady.  He informed us that Marvel was looking to reward some super fans, and since we were first in line for the drawing we could be those lucky people.  When he told us it was trivia, I politely explained I have memory recall failure when it comes to trivia.  All three of us explained that we were not good at trivia, he was not going to take no for an answer. After some convincing (yes, I know how silly he was talking us into it) we gave him a number to contact us at later that day.

Right before the AoS panel, we received a text asking if we could leave the panel early and meet him for the trivia.  I looked at Kim and said something like “this sounds like one of those once in a lifetime events that only occur at cons.”  We all agreed and texted him back that we would meet him at the specified time.

There were three groups of three and we were told not to get friendly because we would all be competing against each other.  I was getting extremely nervous trying to read the recap of all the episodes in order to refresh my memory.  I was expecting questions from recent episodes and I was fully prepared to answer the “Monolith” if they asked “what is the name of the artifact which transported Agent Simmons to the other world?”

We were informed our group was going in first, we were given special badges and escorted back to room where they had cameras on us the instant we walked into the room.  The minute the guy tells me his name I forgot it – I’m definitely not used to being in front of cameras. He politely told us what to expect. Then Elizabeth Henstridge jumps out from the table behind us. I’m pretty sure I went into complete shock at this moment; she plays one of my favorite characters. We had some friendly banter in front of the camera and then they turned them off to set us up on the other side of the room.

During this time, Elizabeth Henstridge was extremely nice and asking us questions.  When we explained that we met on the FoCC forum, all live in different states, and meet up for cons she seemed genuinely amazed and interested about how it all came together.  I believe some of her exact words were “That’s fantastic.”

Then it was time for trivia, and just as I had told the Marvel guy in the morning, my memory recall failure was in full action. I was standing there in front of cameras with Elizabeth Henstridge and they wanted me to remember facts?????  Then Clark Gregg walked in while we were filming and that ended any chance I had at remembering facts.  Though by the kindness of Marvel’s hearts, we managed to win and walked away with AoS signed posters (it also included autographs from cast members who were not attending WonderCon).  
If you want to make everyone jealous at a con, walk around with a signed AoS poster.