Reactor: SDCC 2016 “Bold” Predictions

By: DRWHO42, Alyssa, Comiccondad, & Jopari

As we approach the final days to #SDCC we decided to make some bold predictions. Some may come true while others are simply us using the force to project our dreams into the minds of CCI organizers.

1) A meeting of the 2 Kirks! Bill Shatner & Chris Pine together on the same stage. This would delight Trek fans for the 50th anniversary. Better still have the rest of the Abram’s Universe Trek cast drop in as well – RIP Anton you will be missed.

2) “The Doctor” phones it in. Filming for the next season of Doctor Who is currently underway so a video conference call or tape is not out of the realm of possibility.

3) Appearance of Thor and Banner for the Marvel Panel. They are filming right now so it would not be out of the realm of possibility for a trip.

4) The ‘King of the North’ makes an appearance for the Game of Thrones panel. Emmy nominations help shake loose promo cash so they can certainly fly Kit and Dinklage to San Diego for some panel action and press.

5) J.K. Rowling appearing for the ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them panel’. That would certain bring some magic to Potter fans in the room.

6) Rogue One appearance? There are some gaps in the schedule that can be filled so there is a long-shot chance the gang makes the trip across the pond.

1) Benedict Cumberbatch in the flesh! The stars may align for an opportunity to see Doctor Stephen Strange in person for Marvel’s Hall H panel and for the Sherlock panels in both Hall H and Nerd HQ. Minds will certainly explode if this happens.

1) Sherlock & Watson on the same stage. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman appear together on stage for the Sherlock panel.

2) Ian McShane and Will Smith appear for The Nerdist Podcast.

1) Hall H will be easier to get into than Ballroom 20 for all days (…except Saturday). Perhaps even walk-in with little to no wait at all

2) Superhero showdown showcase! DC will have the full cast of Justice League on stage. Marvel will return the favor in-kind with the full cast of Infinity Wars – Part 1.

Do you have any “Bold” Predictions? Click here for the forum thread on this topic and share yours.



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