Con Diary: Boston Comic Con, Friday 1st day



Boston Comic Con has a limited first day with an opening at noon.  They use wrist bands as the primary pass/ticket.

There are VIP tickets. This year there are 3 categories of tickets, a non-celebrity vip tix which includes a t-shirt, poster & early admission for $165. The main celebrity vip tickets for Frank Miller at $995/$495 & $395 for a variety of access levels. There is also a William Shatner vip package for $350 with Pic’s & autographs.
There are two lines to get into the venue, vip and general admission.  Here is the Vip line


and the general admission line.


I did not walk to the back of the line but it goes a to the back of the pier according to the 16 year old so take it with a grain of salt.

So far I’ve gotten Marv Wolfman, Jae Lee, and Erik Larson’s signature on my poster. By the end of con it will be covered with signatures.


BCC pre ‘sells’ tickets at no cost for it’s celebrity panels. The nice thing is the knowledge that I can go to a panel if I choose & if I don’t care where I sit- I can go later without a big queue up.  On Friday I have tix for the Frank Miller panel at 2pm.  The bad thing is I missed the John Barrowman tickets. /sigh/  I have a plan tho.

While waiting for the Miller panel I was able to see a panel with Marv Wolfman, Ming Doyle, Frank Tieri and Amanda Diebert. Marv likes the new super girl show and love Lockhearts portraital of The boss. Basically Marv loves it when the tv and movies portray his characters well and they seem to be doing a good job.image


Frank Miller is a icon in the comic writer and artist field. His writing & pencils are legendary including DareDevil, Batman the Dark Knight Returns and is the 2015 Will Eisner Award Hall of Fame recipient. Brian Azzarello also joined Frank on the free ranging discussion on Dark Knight 3.


As promised here is the audio from the Miller Azzarello panel.


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