Star Trek Mission New York Day 1: MMO & VR Gaming Rule the Day

By: Alyssa

We arrived at Javits Center at 9:15am, 45 minutes before the door to the floor opened for regular attendees. Here’s how many folks were ahead of us.


And  this is the line behind us at 10am.




I headed to the VR game, Star Trek Bridge Crew first thing as I expected massive lines throughout the con.  They were booking appointments.  Yes, the early reviews from E3 etc. have been that good. This was my first experience with VR gaming and the Oculus system. I managed to score an appointment with NYCC forum Moderator MilNY and forum member Boukenred at 4:20 pm.

The longest lines were for Hallmark exclusives and the US Post Office first day covers for the new Star Trek postage stamps. There was also a longish line to sit in the captain’s chair.

The USPS First Day Issue panel featured the reveal which include Walter Koenig. After the honor guard, national anthem, officials from the US Postal Service spoke, then Walter Koenig came on stage.



Here are the Trek stamps, the event give away and the special cancelation stamp.


I was able to get a brief interview with Denise Crosby, Tasha Yar from the first season of Star Trek: TNG.  Denise is doing the voice over for her character Sela (Tasha’s daughter) in the MMO game Star Trek Online. I was able to play the game and in general enjoyed it. It’s free to play and seems to move naturally. Game site is here.

image image

Ubisoft panel introducing the VR game Star Trek: Bridge Crew
Next up was my introduction to Star Trek: Bridge Crew. Click here for their site.  I’ve included the audio from the panel below. In general there seems to a lot of thought put into providing us users with a good experience from the interactions among the 4 people to the use of 4 person cooperative play to accomplish a ‘win’/goal.

David Votypka & Brian Tate, Creative Directors for Red Storm Entertainment were joined by John Van Critters CBS Product Developer to lay out the challenges and what they hoped to accomplish.  The over all message is that the VR technology if *finally* at a level where we can seamlessly interact within the game.

In the afternoon, I went to my scheduled time to play Star Trek: Bridge Crew. While I am not currently a huge gamer, I have been know to enjoy real-time strategy games and have dabbled in older first person shooter games. I loved Star Trek: Bridge Crew. The VR environment is very immersive and interactive. Click here for a quick intro to how the controller works.

Alyssa and @mllny

Each position on the Bridge Crew had its own set of tasks to accomplish to complete the mission. The positions are Captain, Engineer, Navigator and Tactical. The Interaction between the VR controls and where I thought my body should be was seamless. By the end of the 10 min demo game play my actions were intuitive and without any thought of how to control the machine. The graphics certainly weren’t to movie CG standards but this is the first generation of consumer VR. Regardless, my disbelief was suspended and I indeed felt “on the bridge of a star ship”. I want to try all the other positions within the game!

Off to the famous Katz Deli for a good New York meal & then a soft bed.  Tomorrow Day 2…… NASA Trek Talk panels and maybe a reading of a script for your listening enjoyment.


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