ReedPop’s Heroes and Villains party NYC

 By: Boukenred

In the lead up to New York Comic Con next month, ReedPOP has thrown together the Heroes and Villains event for fans to gather and win various prizes. This year was the first time this event was merged into one event, in comparison to the two separate events held for Heroes and the Villains in past years. Another thing that was different this year was the price of admission for the event. Previously, there would be a free invite through a RSVP sign up; however, this year the admission was $10, due to the event being held at a new venue. Click here for more information from ReedPOP on their NYCC fan events.

This time around, the venue used to house the event was the bowling alley at Bowlmor Times Square. While it was definitely a different atmosphere than prior years, the one good thing that came out of the admission price was the unlimited bowling games that all attendees enjoyed playing throughout the night. As usual, there was also the cosplay competition in which fans could participate as well, with the prizes including 3-day NYCC passes, as well as many cool unnamed6comic-related items. There was also an air hockey tournament in which all attendees could participate, to try to win a 3-day NYCC pass.

For this year, Reed Pop had comic creator guests Greg Schigiel, Chris Giarussso, Amy Reeder and Paul Azaceta, who met fans and judged the cosplay competition for the night. Fans were also able unnamed10to get sketches from these talented comic artists throughout the night, and get their favorite comics signed by them as well.

The only thing I didn’t expect for this year was that the event lasted until 2AM; because of that I wasn’t able to stay that long, nor watch who won the cosplay competition. Usually the Heroes and Villains events that I have participated in during past years lasted until only 10pm. I wished I could have stayed longer to enjoy the extended time.

As usual, the Heroes and Villains event was one of my favorite NYCC events in which to participate. If there is to be another one again next year, you can bet that I’ll be there again. I recommend Heroes and Villains for any comic fans to come out and enjoy.