The Reactor: TV Review – Luke Cage

By: Boukenred

Editor’s note: Boukenred attended the premiere screening event of Luke Cage and has written a review of the first episode.

lukecage_ka_usLuke Cage, the latest production from Marvel Television, in association with ABC Studios, will be gracing our Netflix screens on September 30th. The series, based on the Marvel superhero comic of the same name, is a spin-off of Marvel’s Jessica Jones and stars Mike Colter as Luke Cage. He is a superhero with super strength and unbreakable skin who takes on crime in Harlem, New York City. The character not only represents heroism as part of the Marvel Universe but also represents diversity for the African-American community.

The show’s timeline starts before beginning of Marvel’s Jessica Jones series and focuses entirely on Luke Cage’s backstory and origin. Similar to Netflix’s Daredevil and Jessica Jones, the show’s backdrop is the city of New York and focuses on the fight against crime and corruption.

Mike Colter’s performance is as strong and powerful as Luke Cage himself; as the star of the show, he demonstrates a great balance between his human side and his superhero side. Viewers will appreciate his interesting dialogue exchanges with the other cast members of the show and also be rewarded with amazing action-sequences. The cast of the show, which is comprised of Alfre Woodard, Rosario Dawson, Simone Missick, Mahershala Ali, Theo Rossie, and Frank Whaley, also give amazing performances. Each member of the cast helps bring out the best of Luke Cage’s quality and character, thus making him a relatable superhero that viewers will enjoy.

The show also features a great soundtrack which complements the settings and scenes. This helps creates a better atmosphere and the tone for the story.

While Luke Cage may be based off a comic book superhero character, the show is recommended more for mature audiences, as some scenes may be too graphic for younger audience members. Otherwise, the show delivers incredible performances which can be appreciated by most Marvel fans. So be sure to get yourself ready to binge watch on Friday, September 30th, as this show will be another amazing Netflix original that you will not want to miss.

Picture gallery from the Premiere screening event.

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