Shin Godzilla

by Boukenred


Godzilla is back on the big screen and back to its original Japanese roots, with the new film Shin Godzilla produced by its home country of Japan. This time around, the King of Monsters is ready to unleash his terror and show us the spirit of Kaiju for which Toei is famous. As a special treat, this weekend Funimation gave US audiences a special early screening as part of NYCC, before its limited release in the US .

As its name title ‘Shin’ (new) suggests, this is a brand new Godzilla, meaning that it is a complete re-boot from its predecessor. With a brand new origin and storyline, this time we see the evolution of the terror that the king of monsters can deliver. This new Godzilla also has a new design that will terrorize to anyone who gets in its way, with a few new surprises as well. While this Godzilla may have a new look, it still kept elements from its predecessor’s design, complemented with new elements to make a unique Godzilla all its own.


The cast of this movie also gave excellent performances. You will believe that the threat level is real when you see the civilians’ expressions and the problems Godzilla creates for the nation of Japan. The story presented the appearances of Godzilla as though they were actual attacks, giving the viewers a  more relevant perspective. The movie also highly focuses on modern technologies that we have today which could be used to counter the threat of Godzilla, showing creativity as they handled each situation in a modern way.

Some may consider the previous US-produced Godzilla movies a success, however, this movie may surpass them. This film does return to its Japanese roots and maintains the spirit of a true Kaiju. While this movie will not be released in all US theaters, if you have the opportunity to see it close to home, definitely give it a shot!