Ash vs. Evil Dead – Episode 204



Ash is kneeling next to his father after Brock was just run over by the Delta, or as I like to call it the Necronomicar.  Ash is is a dark place and reflecting on how his only 3 friends (Pablo, Kelly, or Eli) remain and he tells Pablo to think of his life as a good time, not a long time.  Pablo declines this advice, Ash doesn’t hear Pablo as he attempts to put his father back together by trying to put his brain back into his skull.  When Ash notices his father is missing an eye it soon turns up in the grill of the Delta.  Pablo steps up to take care of the teenagers who stole the Delta, only to find a frantic teenage girl inside (Lacey) as he is pulled in by the Delta’s seatbelts. He is able to warn Ash that the Delta is possessed before being fully pulled in.  Ash isn’t taking this revelation too well and as the Delta drives away it destroys Ash’s attempt at putting his father back together by running over Brock’s body one final time.

Ash runs into Chet at his car. Chet is drunk as a skunk and ready to party.  He says Ash can only borrow the car if they go to Memory Lane, which is a titty bar they use to frequent (and I suspect Chet still does).  Realizing Chet can’t drive, Ash volunteers to take the wheel so Chet can keep drinking.  In the car, Chet becomes concerned that there is a chainsaw and shotgun in the back.  This simple explanation Ash gives is that the chainsaw is for ice sculpting and the shotgun is for if people don’t pay for the ice sculpture quickly. Drunk and high, Chet accepts these statements, which make him passive. As they pass the turn for Memory Lane, Chet once again speaks up. Ash explains this by saying that the bar was closed down due to Asbestos in the poles, giving the girls rashes and lies to Chet again, saying that he knows another place.

Back at the trailer, Kelly and Ruby are arming up to go after Ruby’s spawn.  Kelly still has her suspicions about Ruby as she calls her out on the way she speaks about Baal the Demon. Ruby suspects her spawn want to bring Baal out of the book. We learn that Ruby has a history with Baal, whose power is to manipulate and breed paranoia.  Ruby admits that she fears that she may not be able to fight Baal, but Kelly steps up like she always does.  She tells Ruby that she is not alone this time and promises to help her kill her spawn. I’m certain this scene has just confirmed we are going to get to see them gang up against Baal.

In the Delta, Pablo and Lacey are in having the ride of their lives.  Pablo turns back to see the Necronomicon sitting on the back seat.  Only this time, the Necronomicon is full of life and is talking to Pablo.the book is playing on Pablo’s fears that he is intertwined with it.   As Pablo looks in the mirror, he sees himself with the skin of the Necronomicon attached to his face but, Lacey brings him back to reality right before they crash.  Both of them go through the window and Pablo is spitting up blood due to a piece of metal railing that has gone through his upper body.  Ash arrives at the scene of the crash and pulls the metal railing out of Pablo, then leads him to the Delta so he can rest in the trunk.  Pablo turns to Ash to see that his eyes have changed (yet they don’t look like demonite eyes usually do), Pablo freaks, but Ash gets him into the trunk and as the trunk closes as Pablo comes out of the vision, with Lacey screaming for his attention.

Lacey has noticed that they are being followed.  Only one person is crazy enough to follow and that is Ash of course, with Chet in tow, although Chet is still clueless as to what is happening.  Leaving Chet in the dark didn’t work out well for Ash, because as they are chasing the Delta it becomes too much for Chet and he pulls the emergency brake.  Ash finally comes clean with Chet and tells him what is really going on.  Chet is on board; he doesn’t even question the story.  Chet is ready to help, however, Ash isn’t going to let Chet get hurt.  He is able to make Chet understand he needs to do this on his own, however not before Chet shows up Ash on the logic of where the car is headed: the Smash It Up Derby.  They have done an amazing job with the scenes between Chet and Ash; it’s almost like watching their own show.   I imagine these were fun scenes to be on set for, they are really playing up the history shared by Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi, to great effect.


Meanwhile, Ruby and Kelly are down below looking for Ruby’s spawn.  Kelly makes it clear to Ruby that they are no longer her children.  Ruby is able to tell where they are due to a connection she has with them. It doesn’t take the women long to find the spawn, since they are following them.  Kelly looks above and sees one. It grabs her but she is able to get away by shooting it repeatedly. However this only has a temporary effect on the demon, despite the top half of its head being gone.  Clearly the spawn cannot be killed by mortal weapons. As one attacks Ruby, she stabs it in the head with the Kandarian dagger, and just like my mother always said to me when I was misbehaving, Ruby lectures, “I gave you life, I can take it away.”   Kelly and Ruby quickly take care of the rest of the spawn, with Ruby showing remorse as the last one is killed.  I was actually impressed that they wrapped this part of the story up this early in the season; too many shows spend an entire season searching for one thing the whole time.  I’m really enjoying the multiple layers the show is giving us this season, as well as the fast pace.

At the Smash It Up Derby, Ash is clearly in the right place.   The lights are turning on one by one, getting ready for the show.  The Delta is on fire and chasing Ash down in the derby ring, forcing Ash to use his chainsaw against his precious Delta.  He is able to wound it and Lacey and Pablo are able to break free, although the Necronomicon is attacking Pablo at the same time.   Pablo starts stabbing the book with a shard of glass, but it tells him there’s another way.  All Pablo has to do is say his name to cast him back into his dimension and then they can both live. It spits out the name on a piece of paper for Pablo to read.

While Pablo is trying to decide if he should listen to the Demon speaking through the Necronomicon, Ash is riding the Delta, lying on top of the hood as the car careens around the course. In order to remain on the Delta Ash envisions his father’s advice to stay on: “Clench those cheeks together nice and hard.”  

Pablo agrees to do what the book says (even though I was screaming at him not to do it.)  After Pablo reads the name the Delta appears to be no longer possessed and there is a portal in the trunk of the Delta, because cars that aren’t possessed always have portals to Hell in the trunk.  Pablo determines that this is how to cast the Necronomicon back to Hell. Ash agrees and they throw it in. The scene switches to Ruby, who can instantly feel that the Necronomicon is gone.

Believing that it worked, Pablo and Ash walk off discussing the fate of the Delta. Don’t worry, Ash is confident that he can bring her back to pristine condition.  The demon that jumps out of the trunk might feel differently though.

Have Ash and Pablo just done the spawn’s work and released Baal into the world? I suspect we’ll find out next week.