Ash vs. Evil Dead – Episode 205



A small town officer is in for more than she can handle as she walks into the local bar after Ash’s party.  The placed is trashed and the headless body in the bathroom is not going to help Ash lose his nickname of Ashy Slashy.  Something even more sinister lurks in the bathroom though and the local officer is not able to resist its persuasion, which literally loses her the skin off her back.  Even more important, it is removed by the claw from Pablo’s vision in the second episode; it seems Pablo’s visions are coming to life.

Meanwhile, Ash is singing down the street about how he is going to get Linda back in Jacksonville.  His joy is cut short when he is arrested by his old friend the Sheriff for the murder of Amber at the bar.  Chet is there also for his usual charge of drunk driving and soliciting a prostitute.  They both are feeling itchy.  Linda, whom we met in the first episode of season 2 as one of Ash’s old flames, (presumably a different Linda from the one Ash was singing about; it’s hard to tell since everyone he hooks up with is named Linda) walks into the police office with her daughter Lacey.  I find it to be a significant fact that the only survivor for the Necrocomicar is the daughter of Ash’s old flame and the Sheriff.  

Even in the face of life in prison Ash is his usual self, flirting with the female officer (whom we know is Baal) and making jokes.  It’s not long before chaos begins in the police station after Kelly, Pablo, and Ruby come in demanding to see Ash.  With the lights out and the officer’s skin falling from the ceiling, Ruby is fast on the case; she knows immediately that Ball is in the building. She pulls a gun on everyone and demands they all be in one room.   Baal is able to jump from person to person, wearing their skin, which makes it tricky to figure out who is Baal. It also seems Baal gets their memories.  While the Sheriff is may not be on board, his daughter is. Lacey quickly explains that there is evil and they need him to save them.  She doesn’t mean Ash though, it seems she has been impressed by Pablo.  This isn’t helping the tension that has already built between the Sheriff and Ash.  Ruby explains to the everyone that it is Baal’s intention to turn everyone against each other and then pick off whoever is left.

The only way to destroy Baal is by using the Kandarian dagger, which has been locked in the evidence room downstairs. Ruby is on her way to get the dagger when the Sheriff tries to take her gun; Ruby retaliates by shooting him in the leg and handing the gun to Kelly.  The Sheriff isn’t fending too well with the ladies. Ruby heads to the evidence locker where she finds another local officer hiding.  With the dagger in hand, Lucy is soon locked in the evidence locker with the officer.  The officer becomes very touchy feely with Ruby and you can see Ruby falling under her spell, well that is until her skin moves a little too much.  Baal releases himself from the skin; he has an Ozzy Osbourne look to him.  He mentions her mortality, which until now has been kept secret. Could this be why Ruby has chosen to take a different path?  It seems Ruby is not prepared to take on Baal and she loses the Kandarian dagger to him.  Baal clearly is not done with Ruby though, because he lets her live.


Upstairs, Pablo share his concerns with the group about the lesions developing on his skin.  He says it feels like it wants to come out.  He is worried Baal might be inside of him.  They are interrupted by Chet who has had enough and is ready to leave.  An argument starts among everyone with name-calling and accusations.  Kelly is able to call the room to attention, saying that this is what Baal wants, but the peace doesn’t last for long. The Sheriff picked up on the conversation between Pablo, Kelly, and Ash.  Baal has gotten into the Sheriff’s head, but before he can become violent Ash stops him. Before Ash can do anything else, a female body without skin falls from the ceiling and attacks the group.  

The chaos from the attack leaves the itchy prostitute dead and Linda separated from the group.  Ash finds Linda in the cells but before he can get her out he must continue his battle with the skinless body.  Ruby comes to the rescue, shooting it in the head, but that doesn’t stop it for long.  She tosses the chainsaw to Ash, who cuts the body in half.   Linda calls it quits with the Sheriff and seems to have returned her eyes to Ash for the moment, at least, until he accidentally walks her into the bars of the cell. Ouch!.

Pablo is screaming in agony on the couch, with pus squirting out of his mouth and the Sumerian language appearing on his chest.  Pablo thinks this means he is Baal, but Ruby tells him that it means he is their only hope. (So much for Obi Wan.) Could Pablo be turning into a living version of the Necronomicon? Is this possibly how the book comes to be made of skin?

It looks like Pablo may have discovered his own type of immortality.

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