DC Rebirth’s Superman # 10

by Boukenred

img_4375In the comic Superman #10 – ‘In the Name of the Father‘, Superboy (Jon Kent) and Robin (Damien Wayne), meet each other for the first time through their fathers, Superman and Batman. Written by Peter Tomasi, with art by Patrick Gleason, this is the story that sets up the story of ‘World’s Smallest‘, and gives us insight into the collaboration between Tomasi and Gleason.

While the story is focused on Superboy and Robin, their fathers, The World’s Finest, are also present in the story for a perspective of the events leading up to the meeting. What makes this book interesting is how both Superboy and Robin have different preconceived opinions of each other — and may perhaps attempt to confront each other during this first encounter. Robin tends to provoke anyone he meets for the first time so this interaction is quite interesting to read.

Like Peter Tomasi’s previous book, ‘Batman and Robin‘, Superman #10 does a great job telling the story of the relationships of both fathers and sons through narrative storytelling. This approach is what Peter Tomasi is famous for and in this story we witness how each parent acts differently while they aim to protect their child. The narrative dialogue sets up the idea that both Superboy and Robin may already have impressions about each other, while at the same time, foreshadowing how they’ll later have to work together — just as their fathers have done.img_4374

This book is the setup for next year’s new title ‘Super Sons‘, featuring both Robin and Superboy in their own title together. It is clear from the setup from this issue that the two superteens are going to have to work together to not only fight crime, but also to appeal to new readers in order to make this new book sell — and from the looks of it, it will. So if you’re a fan of Superman and Batman titles, this is one book you will want to pick up.