Reactor Review – Amazing Spider-Man: The Clone Conspiracy # 3

By Boukenred

The Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy series, written by Dan Slott with art from Jim Cheung, continues with issue #3 and provides a major revelation (no spoilers). The story has progress through many major characters returning from the dead, from both Spider-man’s life and and Peter Parker’s life as well. From old major villains like the recent deceased Doctor Octopus, and Peter’s first love Gwen Stacey. But now Dan Slott delivers us an even bigger revelation to the story that may perhaps shake up the Spider-man story for a long time.

In this issue, there’s a major revelation by the main antagonist of the Clone Conspiracy story, The Jackal. And not only will you will learn a surprising truth to the story, but also a surprise return from the dead in this issue. This issue is perhaps one of the biggest payoffs during the Clone Conspiracy stories, and it shows how Dan Slott meticulously set up the story to create major impact for this arc. There’s also the choice that our hero will have to make that will perhaps be one of the most controversial in the Spider-man’s mythos — and may perhaps create a divide between fans & readers on Spider-man himself.

Overall, I definitely recommend picking up this book; as Dan Slott never disappoints his readers with the impact he creates for Spider-man. If you haven’t already, be sure to also catch-up to the whole Dead No More: Clone Conspiracy stories and all of its tie-in books. You will then appreciate the brilliant writing by Dan Slott as well as be part of the story where Spider-man has to make the biggest decision that will change the rest of his life.