What I Want for Christmas

Forget winter; Christmas is coming, as well as Chanukah and Kwanza. Whatever winter solstice celebrations you enjoy, December is a gift-giving month. While we here at Friends of Comic Con enjoy giving, we also enjoy receiving, and can’t help dreaming of those special items that might just appear, wrapped with a big bow, our names on the gift tag. I took an informal survey of the FoCC Blog writers, and these are some of the things that came up as the gifts of our dreams.


Specific items:

  • Human-shaped Star Wars sleeping bags
  • Jack Kirby IDW artist edition hardcovers
  • A Doctor Who sonic screwdriver… screwdriver (yes, it’s a real thing)
  • Star Wars Columbia sportswear
  • An NES Classic Mini
  • Funko Pops
  • Telltale games (Batman, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Minecraft… they’re all good!)

More generally, we wanted things to make our con attendance easier:

  • Frames for our signed con posters/photographs
  • Gift cards/air miles/hotel points to help us travel to more cons in 2017
  • New camping chairs for those long SDCC lines
  • Battery packs to power all of our devices away from home
  • Screen-accurate props/costume items to enhance our cosplays
  • New luggage and con/carryon bags

We also got a bit bigger with our dreams. What if we could actually receive…?

  • More CW superhero crossover episodes
  • A tie-up movie to complete the Agent Carter story
  • A Puppet Ash (like the one who recently starred on Ash vs. Evil Dead)
  • More episodes of Stranger Things
  • A Star Trek transporter to help us commute to work

christmas-14682603372msBack to reality, while it’s fun to dream about gifts, we know that we already have the best gifts of all: friends and family who love us. We have fun con experiences to look forward to next year. These are things that will fill us with joy all year long. And really, aren’t those the best gifts of all?

Warm wishes and happy holidays to all readers of the FoCC Blog! Come join the conversation on FoCC!

Transmute Jun

Transmute Jun has an addiction to pop culture conventions, and attends as many as she can each year. When she's not traveling, she likes to stay at home reading a good book, playing a video game, or binge-watching a TV show. She can be bribed with pizza, Coke Zero and Belgian milk chocolate.