Shigeru Miyamto panel at Apple Store NYC

By Boukenred

This event was a special treat for gamers to meet the man who created Mario and The Legend of Zelda series: Shigeru Miyamoto. Miyamoto created some of our favorite Nintendo characters, and was a pioneer for Nintendo and the video game industry. During this panel at the NYC Apple Store in SoHo, we had the opportunity to meet Minamoto in person and we were also introduced to Nintendo’s newest game on iOS: Super Mario Run.

Super Mario Run is the newest game to feature our favorite plumber on a mobile device. The game plays similarly to a traditional Super Mario game, but uses the functions of a mobile device, giving us both a new and familiar gameplay experience. To showcase the game, we were shown the trailer for Super Mario Run, which demonstrated what to expect from the gameplay mechanics. While this app plays like a traditional Mario game, it also features mobile device elements, along with exciting features to be discovered by hardcore fans.

Fans also got to know more about Shigeru Miyamoto himself during this panel, as we learned how he came up with the concept of Mario in the beginning, from his debut game Donkey Kong (1981). He mentioned how Mario was originally was conceived to be a carpenter, but later changed to a plumber to complement the idea for his new game, Mario Bros. (1983), in order to make sense of the idea of a turtle coming out of the pipeline during this game. Miyamoto also mentioned that because he enjoys being an artist, he creates his concept ideas through hand drawings first, then continues as a developer to create the games he envisions them inhabiting.

When asked what he anticipated for the from the future of Nintendo, Minamoto said that it was difficult to expect what gamers may want for the future, as technology isn’t consistent. But Miyamoto reassured us that the company and his team will continue to look into new technologies and search for new innovative ways to keep game experiences fun and exciting. As Miyamoto left the stage, he reminded fans to check out the new Super Mario Run for iOS; the game will be available for purchase and download on December 15. Miyamoto and Nintendo promise us more Nintendo games on the App Store in the future.