Marvel Unlimited Plus – Package Review

The newest membership package for Marvel Unlimited Plus has arrived! The new membership kit will feature Marvel’s Doctor Strange, Black Panther and Captain Marvel as part of their Marvel Unlimited Plus’ exclusive content kit. The new membership kit contains exclusives Marvel variants, various Marvel merchandise and access to Marvel digital comics for 1-full year. As a member, you’ll have access to all of Marvel’s digital library content in digital format; you’ll have access to silver-age comics up-to modern comics from 6-months after its original comic published date.

In this package you will receive three exclusive variant comics that can’t be obtained anywhere else, except through this membership package. The package comes with an exclusive variant of Black Panther # 1, Doctor Strange # 6 and Captain Marvel # 6. To fit the theme of this Marvel Unlimited Plus variant covers, you will receive the Mystic Eye of Agamotto Pin, just like the one owned by Doctor Strange himself. Another elusive item that complement with the Black Panther comic would be the Regal Wakandan Flag Patch, from the Wakanda nation where Black Panther rules. Then for Captain Marvel herself, you will receive the exclusive variant Marvel Legend figure Captain Marvel.

The most sought after item from this membership kit would be the exclusive Hasbro figure of Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers herself. The figure comes in her current famous outfit, with the slight variation of color of of black and grey of her modern attire. The figure features all the 5-points articulation that all Marvel Legends figure are feature with, including articulations on both knees and elbows. You will be able to pose the figure in various battle position that Carol Danvers is known for, and enable her to take on any villains that may stand in her way. The figure also include a variant head for Captain Marvel herself; you’ll get one that feature her Captain Marvel helmet mask, and another variant head of her Carol Danvers’ face. If you’re a Marvel Legends collector, this will be you’re only opportunity to own this figure — only thorough the Marvel Unlimited Plus membership kit.

But the perks for being a member doesn’t stop there! As a member, you will receive 10% off from every purchase from , and 15% off for new digital comics. You will also receive exclusive newsletter on upcoming Marvel news, and invites to a special Marvel events — range from exclusive Marvel screenings, and special Marvel panel at participating comic conventions.

So if you’re interested to become a Marvel Unlimited Plus, this package deal can be the best gift for yourself or gift to anyone who are a Marvel Fans. To join and become a member, simply go to and sign up for the Marvel Unlimited Plus program; from there you will then have access to all of the available Marvel digital comics library, and the exclusive contents for becoming a member.