New Year’s Resolutions

2016 is coming to and end, which means it’s time for the big ball drop in Times Square, party hats and noisemakers, and most importantly, New Year’s resolutions. We don’t know exactly what 2017 will bring, but we do know that it is always in our power to make our lives just a little better. The writers at the Friends of Comic Con Blog got together and compiled our resolutions.

First, we had some completely selfish plans:

  • We’re going to bombard Netflix with mail to convince them to pick up Agent Carter for another season.
  • We’re going to watch at least one new nerdy series this year. Okay, maybe three. Or five. At the very least, we’re going to make more time to watch those shows.
  • We’re going to get our hands on Puppet Ash (from Ash vs. Evil Dead) when it comes available next year (and yes, he’s already been announced).


We also had some resolutions regarding attending cons:

  • We’re going to lose weight to be more fit for cons and to better fit into our cosplays.
  • We’re going to make sure that we balance our time at cons, doing a number of different things, rather than focusing all of our energy on one single thing. Some time at big panels, some time at small panels, some time on the exhibit floor, some time at offsites, etc.
  • We’re going to do our best to get badges to SDCC 2017. But if the lottery does not favor us, we will do our best to ease our disappointment by having a blast at other cons, such as NYCC, ECCC, WonderCon, and Star Wars Celebration.

On a grander scale:

  • We want to spend more time with our families and friends.
  • We want to improve our skills and become more talented at what we do (including writing for this blog).
  • We want to focus on what’s important in life, rather than stressing out about little things, or things that are beyond our control.

Oh yeah, and while we’re at it, we want world peace too.

Most importantly, whatever our resolutions, we want to stick with them. We want to keep them in mind for the entire year, working toward our goals. We plan to make 2017 a great year!

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Join the conversation on FoCC!

Transmute Jun

Transmute Jun has an addiction to pop culture conventions, and attends as many as she can each year. When she's not traveling, she likes to stay at home reading a good book, playing a video game, or binge-watching a TV show. She can be bribed with pizza, Coke Zero and Belgian milk chocolate.