What I’m Watching – Trollhunters


Fancy a trip into the mystical realm of trolls to bear witness to the fight between good and evil? If so, have a look at Trollhunters. This animated series from Dreamworks Animation, available now exclusively  on Netflix, comes from the brilliant mind of Guillermo del Toro and includes a cast stacked with actors known to the genre realm including Ron Perlman, Kelsey Grammer, the late Anton Yelchin, Steven Yuen, Jonathan Hyde, James Purefoy, and Amy Landecker. The series is based on the Trollhunters book del Toro co-wrote with Daniel Kraus.

After watching the first two episodes during NYCC (click here for my recap), I was very impressed with what I saw. There is an interesting balance of action and humor, along with a couple of dashes of fright which should keep many viewers engaged. The plot circles around a teenager named Jim (voiced by Anton Yelchin), who leads a pretty normal life until he accidentally becomes selected to be a Trollhunter and is tasked with protecting the human and troll worlds from evil trolls. His friend, Toby, provides some light-hearted humor to the situations they encounter. Jim is aided by two good-natured trolls, Blinky (voiced by Kelsey Grammer) and AAARRRGGHH!!! (yes, that’s his name – voiced by Fred Tatasciore), who will help him train and are his gateway to the realm where trolls live.

If you are a fan of past del Toro films you are in a for visual buffet of artistry used for the animation in this series. It clearly taps into the mind of del Toro and you are certainly in for a treat with the unique visualization of the trolls, gnomes, and other creatures as well as the realm where they live.

During the NYCC panel, del Toro stated his intention behind creating this series was to create something for the whole family to enjoy. I agree with his intentions because there aspects both children and adults will enjoy. However, there are points younger children (maybe 5ish) may not enjoy so some parental discretion may be needed. Overall, after enjoying the first two episodes I recommend you add this series to your Netflix watch list.

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