Love is Love – Book Review

Love is Love is a collaboration between the comic companies IDW and DC Entertainment. This title was created to honor the fallen victims of  last year’s Orlando, Florida night club mass shooting. The proceeds from the book will be used to assist the friends and family of the victims, as well as to help support the LGBT community.

The book is an anthology of stories, including many collaborations from artists and writers from both DC and IDW. All of the work that was put in to create this book was donated by the artists and writers who created it. All of these stories pay respect to fallen victim from the night club by sending a positive message that Love is Love, no matter what your gender, race or sexual orientation might be. The anthology showcases the struggle and hardship the LGBT commnunity has to go through to prove their love and devotion. Some stories show a positive message, while others discuss the negative impact on the community from hatred.

Adding to this book’s unique nature is the appearance of DC characters who are known to be within the LGBT community. DC Entertainment allowed these characters to be used in order to effectively convey the important message Love is Love has to offer. The characters that are featured include Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Midnite, Apollo and Batwoman, all making a significant presence in their respective stories.  Each of these characters shows through their words and actions how love is not biased or restricted, and also demonstrate how we must always embrace love — even through hardships one may face.

The book also contains a memorial page listing all of the names of the 49 victims from that night, in order to honor and respect their passing. The names of these victims are serve as a reminder to us all to never forget the importance of love equality. As we honor the fallen victims from Orlando’s tragedy, this book delivers a positive message to everyone on the nature of love, and attempts to dispel any sort of intolerance against it.

Love is Love has already been receiving praise from readers, which unfortunately means that at this current time, the book can be difficult to track down. However a second printing has already been initiated, and once it is available, Love is Love should be easier to find. So if you haven’t picked up this book yet, you should be able to do so soon. I highly recommend this book, which reminds us all that Love is Love.