Justice League Dark – Review

Justice League Dark, the latest DC animated movie, is directed by Jay Olivia. The film was adapted from the NEW 52’s Justice League Dark comic, written by J.M. DeMattis, and features a team of Justice League members with magic elements as well as a dark theme. The movie stars Matt Ryan (as Constantine), Camilla Luddington (as Zatana), and Jason O’Mara (as Batman).

The story takes place in the same animated universe as the previous Justice League and Batman movies, but with the focus this time on magic, demons, and supernatural elements. It should also be noted that because of the darker tone of the movie, Justice League Dark is Rated-R and the majority of the scenes can be violent and graphic. As such, this movie may not be suitable for younger audiences, despite Batman being in the film. The primary premise of the movie is the formation a team of Justice League members with supernatural capabilities, with Constantine being the lead character.

While the focus of the story is on Constantine, Zatana, and Batman, it also includes the characters of Deadman, Etrigan, and Swamp Thing. The viewer also gets a bit of a backstory for each of the members of the team. While the origins of each character may have been purposely used to fill in for time, they do work with the main plot for the overall film. Although there are some new characters in this movie, the action is comparable to other DC animated movies. It is also attempts to be faithful to comic as it can.

This movie also allows Matt Ryan to reprise his role as Constantine, a role he is known for playing on the live-action Constantine TV series. Even though the character has been animated, Matt Ryan still portrays the role effectively. Another great addition to the cast, reprising his role as the voice of Batman, is Jason O’Mara. Justice League Dark would not be part of the same DC animated movie universe without him in that role. The cast as a whole is an amazing ensemble of voice talents with each of the actors bringing their own unique talents to portray  their characters.

While Justice League Dark has a great lineup of heroes featured in the movie, the film may be a hard to sell to some audiences who are not familiar with the lesser-known characters, however, it will still interest loyal fans of the DC animated films and the Constantine TV show. In the end, if you enjoy watching many of DC animated films, this movie may be another installment you would appreciate; however, if you are not as interested in the lesser-known characters or the darker theme, this movie can be skipped and you can wait for the next DC animated movie to be released.