NYCC Changes Ticket Sales for 2017

By Transmute Jun

ReedPOP, the owner of New York Comic Con (NYCC), has announced changes to the way tickets will be sold for the popular con in 2017. The biggest change is that the NYCC pre-sale has returned. However instead of having a pre-sale for VIPs (as was done in past years), in 2017 NYCC will have a pre-sale for everyone who “fan-verified” in 2016. You may recall that in 2016, NYCC instituted a fan-verification system (similar to Comic Con International’s Member ID system) where potential attendees had to register in advance, in order to be able to participate in the ticket sale. Unfortunately, many potential attendees did not get the email notices or social media blasts, and were completely unprepared when they suddenly found themselves unable to buy badges on sale day. This caused ReedPOP to re-oopen ticket sales, much to the disgruntlement of those who had followed the proper process and had fan-verified in advance. Now, as a ‘thank you’ to those vigilant attendees, they will be given first crack at badges for NYCC 2017.

Another change this year is that multi-day badges (3-day & 4-day) will no longer be available. This is due to construction at the center creating limited space. As a result, all days will have to be purchased separately. This has also been done for San Diego Comic Con, to encourage people to only purchase the badges they need, leaving other days open for different attendees. It is yet to be seen how selling single-day badges only might impact the number of badges attendees are permitted to purchase.

Lastly, while ReedPOP did not announce any dates for the ticket sales, they did say that they would be on a weekend, based on numerous fan requests and a Facebook poll. Hopefully this will allow more attendees a chance to participate!

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Transmute Jun

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