Next Week in TV: 4/9 The Doctor returns and Class is convened

By DRWHO42 & Alyssa

We approach this week with mixed emotions as this is the first week without The Walking Dead, however, we can celebrate the return our our beloved Doctor. It has certainly been awhile since we were treated to weekly trips in the TARDIS so Saturday will be a day Whovians will look forward to. A companion to Doctor Who on BBC America is the US debut of Class. While this has already aired in other parts of the globe we will get our first “session” this week.

Looking back at the past week ‘24’, Colony, The Expanse, Into the Badlands, and Designated Survivor brought us great character stories, mixed moments of adrenaline, as well as few surprises. Prison Break returned with a great premise reminiscent of the first season and several familiar faces. This season should be a good one to check out. iZombie’s return was greeted with open arms by fans and if you have not checked out this series you can catch up on Netflix. Lastly and certainly not the least was the return of Agents of SHIELD. This story arc takes place in an alternate world where HYDRA is the supreme authority. There is a familiar face who returns (no spoilers) and the storyline sets up a great premise for the remainder of the season. AMC’s western, The Son with Pierce Brosnan opened last week to mixed reviews.

Also on the radar a few highlights to peek your interest with the return of Better Call Saul Monday night. This season we will get a look at the past version of Gustavo Fring, the infamous owner of Los Pollos Hermanos. There will be a special edition of Talking Saul later that evening. Speaking of ‘talking’, Chris Hardwick fans will be happy to know he has a new weekly talk show debuting this titled ‘Talking with Chris Hardwick”. Each week will feature different guests and cover various topics. Be sure to check it out.  Speaking of returning shows from the way back machine, Netflix has brought back the cult classic Mystery Science Theater staring Felicia Day.

Special note for Shondaland fans – Scandal hits the 100th episode milestone this week.

This week we will say so long to Ripper Street, which holds its series finale. Also closing out their seasons this week are Homeland, Major Crimes, MacGuyer, Ransom, and The Blacklist:Redemption.

DRWHO42’s picks:
New: Doctor Who, Class
On-going: Prison Break, iZombie, The Son, Agents of HYDRA (I mean) SHIELD, 24:Legacy!, Legion, The Walking Dead, The Blacklist, Blindspot, The Big Bang Theory, Supergirl, Quantico, Flash, Arrow, The 100, Blacklist: Redemption
Binge / Stack: Hawaii 5-0, Westworld, Glitch, Elementary, Voltron, The Magicians, Supernatural, The Expanse

Alyssa’s picks:
Currently on vacation….

Sunday, April 09, 2017
9:00 PM
Showtime Homeland: America First [6th Season Finale]
11:00 PM
AMC Talking With Chris Hardwick  [Series Premiere]

Television’s number-one talk show host, Chris Hardwick, has a new extension series that provides an authentic take on today’s pop culture landscape with iconic celebrity guests. Talking with Chris Hardwick will feature live audience interactivity, giving fans a new destination to celebrate their favorite pop culture icons.

The hour-long episodes are hosted by Chris Hardwick. The series is executive produced by Michael Davies, Chris Hardwick, Jen Patton, Brandon Monk and Alex Murray. Click for more info

Monday, April 10, 2017
5:00 PM
CARTOON Ben 10: The Filth; Waterfilter [Series Premiere]
10:00 PM
TBS American Dad: A Whole Slotta Love [12th Season Spring Premiere]
AMC Better Call Saul [3rd Season Premiere]
10:30 PM
TBS Angie Tribeca: Welcome Back, Blotter [3rd Season Premiere]
11:00 PM
AMC Better Call Saul: Talking Saul [1-hour Special Presentation]

Tuesday – April 11, 2017
8:00 PM
FOX Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Audit [4th Season Spring Premiere]

Wednesday – April 12, 2017
3:01 AM
HULU The Path [2nd Season Finale]
9:00 PM
CBS Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders: Cinderella And The Dragon [New Episode – Special Time]
TNT Major Crimes: Shockwave, Part Two [5th Season Finale]
11:00 PM
BBCA Ripper Street: Occurrence Reports [Series Finale]

Thursday – April 13, 2017
9:01 PM
ABC Scandal: The Decision [100th Episode]
10:00 PM
NBC The Blacklist: Redemption: Whitehall: Conclusion [1st Season Finale]

Friday – April 14, 2017
3:01 AM
NETFLIX Chelsea [2nd Season Premiere]
AMAZON Fortitude: Complete Second Season [2nd Season Premiere]
NETFLIX Mystery Science Theater 3000: Complete First Season [Series Premiere]

The cult classic TV show is back! Comic Jonah Ray plays the role of Jonah Heston, a hapless human who is forced by evil scientists to endure a vault cheesy movies. Kinga Forrester (Felicia Day) is the daughter of the original mad scientist, Dr. Clayton Forrester, and Patton Oswalt plays the son of Clayton’s former henchman. In hopes of holding onto his sanity, Jonah watches the films with his hilarious robot companions. Together, the “B” movie audience members crack snarky jokes as the action plays out on screen.  Click for Trailer

8:00 PM
CBS MacGyver: Cigar Cutter [1st Season Finale]

Saturday – April 15, 2017
7:45 AM
CARTOON Lego Nexo Knights: In Charge [3rd Season Finale]
11:30 AM
DFC My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Celestial Advice/all Bottled Up [1-hour 7th Season Premiere]
8:00 PM
NBC NHL Playoffs Round 1 – Game #2: Teams TBD
CBS Ransom: Bulletproof [1st Season Finale]
FOX UFC Fight Night [2-hour Special Presentation]
9:00 PM
BBCA Doctor Who: The Pilot [10th Season Premiere]
10:10 PM
BBCA Class: For Tonight We Might Die [Series Premiere]

For Tonight We Might Die” is the first episode of the first series of the British science-fiction television series Class, a spin-off series of Doctor Who. It was released online by BBC Three on 22 October 2016.

In the episode, a group of Coal Hill Academy students are forced to work together when the school comes under siege by an alien race called the Shadow Kin, ahead of the school’s autumn prom. The episode features a guest appearance by Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, the lead character of Doctor Who. Click for more info  Click for trailer

11:20 PM
BBCA The Graham Norton Show: Sir Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Jack Whitehall, Gemma Whelan, and Take That [11th Season Premiere]


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