Recap: Into the Badland – Monkey Leaps Through Mist

By Miclpea
SPOILER ALERT-Do not read if you have not seen season two-episode five of Into the Badlands.

Quote of the week: “You don’t deserve a second chance.”

Episode five, Monkey Leaps Through Mist, opens with Jade mourning over the body of Ryder. She takes the Oath of Barony and seals it with her blood. Jade swears that Quinn will answer for the death of Ryder.

Jade has Lydia brought to the mansion. She tells Lydia that Quinn is alive and that he murdered Ryder. Jade explains to Lydia that they shared in their love for Ryder and now they can share in their hate of Quinn. After grieving for her son, Lydia tells Jade that Quinn has a hidden bunker in the forest. She offers to reveal the location if she gets to kill Quinn. Jade agrees.

In the meantime, Quinn and his men have been trekking through the forest back to their stronghold. Quinn has visions of his son in the forest, which are most likely a combination of grief, guilt, and the malignant tumor. After Quinn and his men return to their bunker, Quinn has a Lady Macbeth moment. He hallucinates that he can’t wipe the blood of his son from his hand while in reality, his hand is clean. Quinn believes that Ryder is speaking to him. The apparition of Ryder haunts him. Ryder tells Quinn that all of the women in Quinn’s life have lied to him, including Veil. Ryder tells Quinn that if he wants the truth from Veil he will have to put a knife to Henry’s throat.

Quinn’s regent, Declan, has restrained Veil. He wants to know how Edgar died. Veil lies and tells him that Edgar attacked her and she defended herself. Declan remarks that she is very beautiful but Edgar was not interested in women. He tells her that if she wants to live, she had better cure Quinn. He releases her to take care of the wounded.

When she returns to her clinic, she finds that Henry has been taken. She runs frantically to Quinn’s office where she finds Quinn holding Henry and pointing a knife at him at the same time. Ryder prods Quinn to ask about his treatment. The apparition of Ryder is the personification of Quinn’s paranoia and is most likely a secondary effect of the tumor. Veil sees the danger for Henry and calmly explains to Quinn that he is getting better. The apparition tells him not believe anything she says. It becomes obvious to Veil that she is dealing with a delusional individual when she sees Quinn talking to empty air. She slowly and calmly reminds Quinn that he promised to protect her and Henry. She kisses him on the lips as she tells Quinn that she needs to feed Henry. She takes Henry while Ryder tells Quinn that women have always been his weakness.

Daniel Wu as Sunny, Nick Frost as Bajie, Marc Rissmann as Nos

Fortunately for Sunny, his luck, unlike Veil’s, has improved. Sunny and Bajie have arrived at the compound of Nos, the smuggler. Bajie is greeted warmly by Nos. They present Nathaniel Moon’s sword to Nos as payment for a shortcut to cross the wall. Nos accepts the blade. Later, he holds a small celebration in honor of Sunny and Bajie. He offers them dolls for their pleasure that night.

Sunny’s doll, Portia, offers him money to kill Nos. She does not want her daughter to grow up to be a doll like her mother. Sunny tells Portia that he does not do that anymore. Portia leaves disappointed.

The next morning as Sunny and Bajie are preparing to leave, Nos arrives with his men, a car, and the two dolls. Nos asks Sunny if Portia offered to pay him to kill Nos. Sunny lies and says she did not. However, one of the other dolls had heard the conversation and told Nos about it. Nos shows the cuts he has made on Portia’s face to punish her. He tells Sunny that he can go but since Portia is worthless now, he will make Portia’s young daughter, Amelia, start as a doll sooner. Sunny asks to take Portia and Amelia with him. Nos refuses and orders his men to attack. As Sunny battles Nos and his men, Bajie rescues Portia. Sunny manages to fight off Nos’ men but Nos grabs Amelia. As he prepares to kill her, Bajie hits him from behind. Bajie grabs Nathaniel’s sword and throws it to Sunny as he grabs the keys to the car and Amelia. Sunny jumps onto the car as Bajie speeds away from the compound.

Marc Rissmann as Nos 

Sunny is not the only one who is escaping from a bad situation. Back at the Abbot Monastery, MK apparently has recovered from his last ordeal with his dark self. He is practicing with the other initiates when they are called back to the main building. MK does not go but escapes into the forest. As he runs through the forest, he comes upon a tree with men and boys hanging from it. He steals the clothes off one of the bodies and continues his journey. It is not clear where he is going or why. He learned devastating news in the last episode but where that will lead him is anyone’s guess.

The Widow has not been idle. She met with Waldo and Tilda where she thanked Tilda for saving her life. Waldo advises The Widow that she should go after Quinn and give his head to the other Barons as a peace offering. The Widow says no. When she went against her better instincts, she was almost killed. Now, she will do it her way. She wants to make an alliance with Quinn against the other Barons. She instructs Waldo to find Quinn so that they make him the offer of alliance.

Meanwhile, Lydia goes with Jade’s clippers to Quinn’s bunker. Quinn is smoking opium as he watches a silent film. Jade’s clippers enter the bunker where they encounter a booby trap. The resulting explosion knocks out Lydia as Quinn rallies his men. As Quinn prepares to leave, he realizes that he cannot find Veil. She has escaped with Henry.

Daniel Wu as Sunny

Sunny and Bajie escape Nos’ stronghold but now they are joined by Portia and Amelia. Nathaniel prophesied that Sunny could not stop being a murderer. In saving Portia and Amelia, Sunny has left more death behind him. Nathaniel was right; death will follow Sunny because of who he is, regardless of why. There is no way Nos will not follow him to exact his revenge on Sunny, Bajie, Portia, and Amelia.

Veil has escaped but it looks as if Quinn will have a new prisoner. Lydia was only stunned by the blast which means that Quinn will probably capture her. Meanwhile, we can assume that The Widow will eventually find Quinn and offer him an alliance. Quinn, in his delusional state, will be dealing with two very powerful, intelligent women who hate him. Under normal circumstances, we should bet against Quinn. However, you cannot fight crazy, which means that Quinn might actually win.

As for MK, he is on his own quest. If it is one of discovery, the omens do not augur well for him. The tree with all the hanging men is clearly a bad sign. His journey, like Sunny’s, is destined to be filled with dead bodies. Is it fate or their innate nature that makes it so?


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