Recap: Into the Badlands – Sting of the Scorpion’s Tail

By: Miclpea

SPOILER ALERT-Do not read if you have not seen season two-episode eight of Into the Badlands.

Quote of the week: “The Widow is nothing but a predator and we are all prey.”

The episode opens with Baron Hasson talking with the foreman of his cotton factory. He is briefing Baron Hassan on the damage The Widow has caused his operation. The foreman is suddenly killed by a knife in the back. Baron Hassan attacked by Tilda and her Butterflies. Hassan is cornered by The Widow, who chops off his head.

Later The Widow appears at Quinn’s bunker. Quinn presents the head of Baron Broadmore to her. In return, she presents the head of Baron Hassan. Of course, there is always more with Quinn. He killed the family of Broadmore along with the Baron, which angers Tilda. She says that Quinn had agreed to spare them. Quinn says he did not spare them as they would become a problem in the future. The Widow stops Tilda from attacking Quinn before she leaves with Quinn to make plans.

Tilda sees Veil and Henry. She apologizes to Veil. Tilda speaks from her heart when she tells Veil that she had no idea Veil would be traded back to Quinn. Veil tells Tilda that “The Widow is nothing but a predator and we are all prey.” She further tells Tilda that they are both bound by the choices they made. Veil saved Quinn’s life and Tilda did not poison The Widow.

On the other side of the Wall, Bajie has negotiated passage to the Badlands with a band of smugglers. Bajie, MK, and Sunny board the bus going through the tunnel in the wall. Within the passage the bus is stopped by Chau’s Clippers. The smugglers are making money by selling passage to the refugees before selling them to Baron Chau. Sunny, Bajie, and MK refuse to leave the bus. A few Clippers enter the bus in an attempt to bring them out but are instead thrown through the windows. Chau’s men fire their crossbows at the bus, which eventually makes the bus look like a pincushion. Sunny tells Bajie and MK to surrender. They are taken to Chau’s holding cells.

From his cell, Sunny tells one of the guards that he wants to speak to Baron Chau. He shows the guard his tattoos, which convinces the guard.

Eleanor Matsuura as Baroness Chau 

Once Sunny meets with Chau, the Baron explains the current state of the Badlands to him. She tells Sunny that Quinn is still alive. Sunny decides to make Chau an offer, he will help her kill Quinn and The Widow for his freedom. Chau is skeptical, since she is not sure she can trust Sunny. Sunny points out that he wants Quinn dead more than she does. He also has a plan to capture The Widow. He will use MK as bait. One of Chau’s Clippers is sent as a “defector” to The Widow to let her know that MK is being traded to the River King for weapons.
Sunny returns to the holding cells to get MK to use as bait. From his cell, Bajie is livid and starts screaming at Sunny. Sunny goes to Bajie’s cell door and explains that he has to look out for himself and his family. Bajie grabs Sunny through the door. Sunny, unbeknownst to Bajie, slips the key to his cell into Bajie’s pocket.

Bajie is raging about the indignity of Sunny’s betrayal when he finds the bookmark Sunny stole from Chau’s library. He uses the bookmark to open the cell door. Before he escapes, he exchanges clothes with his cellmate to hide his escape. Bajie leaves the cell and manages to steal a motorcycle, but before he is able to depart the compound, he sees the convoy with Sunny and MK going to set the trap for The Widow. He follows.

In the back of the truck, MK accuses Sunny of betraying him and Bajie. Sunny quietly explains that he gave Bajie a key to his cell. Also, he gives MK a knife to protect himself.

Meanwhile, back at The Widow’s home, Tilda questions The Widow about trading Veil back to Quinn. Tilda is clearly unhappy with The Widow, but before the argument escalates, Baron Chau’s defector is brought into the room. He relates the story that Sunny prepared. Tilda guesses that the boy in the story is MK. The bait has been taken.

When the convoy arrives at the warehouse, The Widow’s Butterflies attack. But before The Widow can take MK, Sunny puts his sword to her throat. The Widow tells Sunny if she dies, he will never find Veil and Henry. The Widow promises to help him save Veil and Henry if he joins her.

Daniel Wu as Sunny, Emily Beecham 

Sunny agrees and they fight Chau’s men. As always with Into the Badlands, we are treated to an incredible fight scene. Sunny and The Widow are incredible to watch as a team. Tilda is amazing as usual. MK is really the weak link as he has to be saved again. Oddly, Bajie is watching the entire scene unfold from an upper story window. He remains concealed and does not take part in the fight.

At Quinn’s bunker, he is having an awkward dinner with Lydia and Veil. Quinn seems oblivious to the fact that both these women have tried to kill him and Veil clearly despises him. Quinn tells Veil he is aware that she deceived him about the tumor as well as killing poor Edgar. Even after all of these problems, he tells them that they will be a family. He plans to marry Veil to make Henry his legitimate heir. Veil says she can never marry Quinn. Quinn tells her that he can always raise Henry without her. Quinn is obviously delusional. In his sick mind, this will be his new family. He is surrounded by women who hate him, his new heir is the son of another man, and he has aligned himself with The Widow, who wants him dead.

Marton Csokas as Quinn, Madeleine Mantock as Veil 

Later, when they are alone, Veil tells Lydia she cannot marry Quinn. She would kill him before consummating a marriage with him. Lydia tells her that is foolish as Quinn’s men would make their lives hell before they killed her and Henry. Veil reluctantly agrees to go through with the ceremony.

Lydia performs their wedding ceremony. As part of the ceremony, the bride and groom cut each other’s hand and mingle their blood. When it is Veil’s turn, we see in her face and body language that she is seriously considering killing Quinn. However, the moment passes and she merely cuts his hand. Before they retire to the bedroom for their wedding night, Veil hands Henry to Lydia and asks her to watch over him. Lydia senses that something is amiss and fears Veil might do something rash.

In the bedroom, Veil and Quinn begin to undress. Lydia’s concern is valid and we see that Veil has concealed a blade

Orla Brady as Lydia 

in her garter. As their lovemaking progresses, Veil reaches for the blade. But, before she can use it, Lydia bursts in with surprising news. She hands Quinn a report detailing that Sunny is back and is working with The Widow. Sunny will be coming to kill Quinn. This stops Veil from killing Quinn and gives her hope.

In the end, Sunny has betrayed Chau and joined forces with The Widow. But, his final goal has not changed. The Widow offered Sunny what Chau could not offer: his family. It is not clear how long the alliance will last when Sunny discovers that The Widow traded Veil and Henry to Quinn?

We still don’t why MK lost his power. Will he gain back? Why did Bajie not help in the fight? Will there be a break between Tilda and The Widow?

Life in the Badlands just became more interesting and complicated. Alliances are changing every minute as the number of Barons decrease and the stakes increase.

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