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The Friends of Comic Con Forum started with a group of fans who congregated daily on the CCI Facebook page to meet, chat, ask & answer questions, and have fun. As part of answering questions, the group utilized the Discussion Page feature of Facebook to answer repeat questions that were asked on the wall. But then one day, Facebook discontinued the Discussion Page feature. Not wishing this type of information to be lost, one brave woman created the Friends of Comic Con forum and the rest is history.

It is a place that was created with a lot of pain and even more love by fans of Comic Con International for fans of Comic Cons, where people can continue to meet, chat, ask & answer questions, and have fun. We hope you find it helpful.
Chris 2012
Global Moderator

I started this forum as a place to keep information in Wiki fashion year to year. The community that developed is a wonderful by-product I did not anticipate. I have really tried to maintain a site that is helpful, friendly and full of historical information. It is a place were people can ask questions without being concerned with flaming or disrespectful responses.
Alyssa 2013

The FoCC Blog is an extension of the Friends of Comic Con Forum geared to provide readers with written and video content covering topics ranging from con experiences located in the “From the Con” section to pop-culture articles in the “Con Suite”. Recorded webcasts from the weekly “Cup of Tea with an Englishman” co-hosted by our very own Alyssa will also be found here.

The FoCC Blog team is:
Alyssa – Editor, Writer, and Owner
Kevin “DRWHO42” – Editor in Chief
Transmute Jun – Editor and Writer
Mlgagne – Writer
NCDS – Writer
Boukenred – Writer
Miclpea – Writer

We are always looking for contributors to share their experiences or write an article – whether it is a onetime guest contribution or regular contribution.


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